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Bible Translations


On this page you’ll find all of our investigative reporting on the Bible Translation industry.



Wycliffe Associates Asks for Donor Support but Provides Few Details

The large Bible translation group encourages giving to efforts in dangerous areas of the world, but provides little information about its timeline or accomplishments.

Wycliffe Associates, one of the most recognized Bible translation groups, recently sent a fundraising letter urging donors to “move quickly” to share the Scriptures with “multitudes of lost people in the heart of the Middle East.”

Facebook Parent Company Meta Uses Bible Translations to Train Artificial Intelligence in Speech Recognition

Meta tapped text-based research and audio recordings of people reading the New Testament in 1,100 languages.

The artificial intelligence arm of Meta is using widely translated religious texts like the Bible to provide data for its Massively Multilingual Speech (MMS) project, which aims to expand text-to-speech and speech-to-text technology to underserved languages.

Just How Broken Is the Bible Translation Industry?

Big numbers, simple math, unavoidable conclusions

“It depends” has become part of the culture of the Bible translation industry.  It has helped produce a lack of transparency and accountability that should be a giant red flag to the tens of thousands of donors who give hundreds of millions of dollars to Bible translation organizations every year. 

To understand just how big a red flag, we will have to do a little math. 

Missionaries Often Spend Own Support Funds To Raise More Support

Mission Society Fundraising Expense Reports May Not Account For These Costs

Your favorite Christian ministry reports spending only a small percentage of its income on fundraising. Compelling stewardship it appears—but if the ministry is a foreign missions organization, does that number account for the time and money individual missionaries spend on raising support?

We asked these questions of some of the largest foreign mission organizations in the country, and the answers we received suggest that individual missionary fundraising often isn’t clearly included in an organization’s overall fundraising budget.

50 Largest Missions and Bible Translation Organizations

Below is a list of the largest foreign missions and Bible translation organizations in the country. The MinistryWatch database has a number of categories that include foreign missions organizations.  We have therefore included Bible translation organizations, missionary organizations, and some evangelism and support organizations.  Unlike most of our other lists, we have included a column for the segment so you can make an apples-to-apples comparsion of these various ministries. Also, MinistryWatch has identified a growing…

Key Executives Depart Wycliffe Associates

A number of key leaders have recently left Wycliffe Associates.  The departures have come in the wake of Wycliffe Associates’ resignation from the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, as well as increased scrutiny of one of its key translation initiatives, Mobilized Assistance Supporting Translation, or MAST.

What Would Wycliffe Fly?

Editor’s Note:  Though Wycliffe Associates and Wycliffe Bible Translators have similar names and were one time related organizations, they are today separate organizations.   John Wycliffe, who famously translated the Bible into English, was one of the seminal figures of the Reformation.   But he was more than a translator.  He was an outspoken critic of clergy opulence.  He wrote tracts condemning the luxurious lifestyles of many church leaders. One wonders what Wycliffe would say about…

ECFA Charter Member, Wycliffe Associates, Resigns Membership While Under Review

Wycliffe Associates, one of the charter members of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA), voluntarily resigned on Feb, 21, 2020, “while under review of compliance with Standards 7.1 and 7.2.” Standard 7.1 says: In securing charitable gifts, all representations of fact, descriptions of the financial condition of the organization, or narratives about events must be current, complete, and accurate. References to past activities or events must be appropriately dated. There must be no material…