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50 Largest Missions and Bible Translation Organizations

Below is a list of the largest foreign missions and Bible translation organizations in the country.

The MinistryWatch database has a number of categories that include foreign missions organizations.  We have therefore included Bible translation organizations, missionary organizations, and some evangelism and support organizations.  Unlike most of our other lists, we have included a column for the segment so you can make an apples-to-apples comparsion of these various ministries.

Also, MinistryWatch has identified a growing trend among Christian ministries to identify as churches and thereby withhold their Form 990s.  Unfortunately, some Bible translation organizations (including Wycliffe Associates) is among them.  Also, the Bible translation industry is notoriously complicated in organizational structure, with some organizations existing mostly to raise money and then grant that money to other organizations.  Further, many missionary and other organizations have as their model the practice of “support-raising.”  Individual missionaries, or missionary couples, raise money from their own support network.  Many donors support the person they know and know very little about the organizations who typically keep as much of 10 percent of the support missionaries raise.

These are not best practices, and we hope increased transparency provided by MinistryWatch will lead to reform in Bible translation and missions organizations.

A word about timing: This information comes from the most recent Form 990 available, or — in a few cases — from the audited financial statements.  For most ministries on this list, the most recent year available was 2019. For a few ministries, the most recent year is 2018 or older.  To read the complete profile of the ministries, click on the name of the ministry.  That link will take you to the ministry’s profile in the MinistryWatch database.

Organization nameSectorCEO Total revenue ECFARatingTransp
1Wycliffe Bible TranslatorsBible Translation OrganizationsJohn Chestnut $208,569,000 Yes3A
2Cross InternationalForeign MissionsKelly Miller $86,566,370 Yes5A
3Pioneers, Inc.Foreign MissionsSteve Richardson $69,997,602 Yes3A
4Mission to the World, PCAForeign MissionsPaul Kooistra $68,330,211 YesNAD
5Ethnos360Foreign MissionsLarry Brown $66,580,479 Yes3C
6American Bible SocietyBible Translation OrganizationsRobert L. Briggs $65,589,871 Yes2A
7The Seed CompanyBible Translation OrganizationsLarry Jones $56,812,441 Yes3A
8SIM USAForeign MissionsRandy Fairman $51,241,973 Yes3C
9United Bible SocietiesBible Translation OrganizationsRobert Cunville $50,017,966 No5D
10Wycliffe AssociatesBible Translation OrganizationsTim Neu $49,134,756 No3D
11Mission Aviation FellowshipEvangelism SupportDavid Holsten $48,856,443 Yes1C
12SIL InternationalForeign MissionsMichel Kenmogne $42,056,536 Yes2A
13TEAM (The Evangelical Alliance Mission)Foreign MissionsScott Henson, International Director $39,952,000 Yes2C
14TWR (Trans World Radio)Foreign MissionsLauren Libby $39,588,106 Yes2C
15Reliant MissionForeign MissionsThomas Mauriello $37,572,318 Yes3C
16Reach BeyondForeign MissionsDavid Johnson $36,171,859 YesNAC
17FrontiersForeign MissionsBob Peckham $35,716,018 Yes3A
18WorldVentureForeign MissionsJeff Denlinger $34,655,402 Yes4C
19International Cooperating MinistriesForeign MissionsJanice Rosser Allen $33,941,407 Yes3A
20World HelpForeign MissionsVernon Brewer $32,940,723 Yes4A
21Jewish Voice Ministries InternationalForeign MissionsJonathan Bernis $31,171,638 Yes1A
22Operation MobilizationEvangelism SupportAndrew Scott $29,372,403 Yes3C
23Africa Inland Mission International, Inc.Foreign MissionsWade Ewing $29,086,667 Yes4C
24One Mission Society, Inc.Foreign MissionsDavid C. Long $27,036,571 Yes1C
25Open Doors with Brother Andrew, Inc.Bible Translation OrganizationsDavid Curry $26,585,555 Yes2A
26Avant Ministries / Gospel Missionary UnionForeign MissionsScott Holbrook $24,966,511 Yes2C
27World Gospel MissionForeign MissionsHubert P. Harriman $23,658,037 Yes2C
28Faith Comes By Hearing/ Hosanna MinistriesBible Translation OrganizationsGerald Jackson $23,647,725 No3C
29Christian Missionary FellowshipForeign MissionsDouglas Priest, Jr. $21,632,350 Yes4C
30Greater Europe MissionForeign MissionsJonathan Burns $21,374,459 Yes2C
31United World MissionForeign MissionsJohn Bernard $21,080,155 Yes2C
32Bible League InternationalBible Translation OrganizationsJos Snoep $20,466,167 Yes1C
33Partners InternationalForeign MissionsLarry D. Andrews $20,451,935 Yes4C
34East-West Ministries InternationalForeign MissionsKurt Nelson $19,204,558 Yes3A
35Commission to Every NationEvangelism SupportRichard Malm $19,188,321 Yes5C
36Serge (formerly World Harvest Mission)Foreign MissionsBob Osborne $18,841,933 Yes4A
37SEND InternationalForeign MissionsWarren Janzen $18,287,946 YesC
38Pioneer Bible TranslatorsBible Translation OrganizationsGregory Pruett $17,361,835 Yes3A
39ChristarForeign MissionsStephen Coffey $15,812,333 Yes2A
40BiblicaBible Translation OrganizationsGeof Morin $15,775,000 Yes1A
41Global Outreach InternationalForeign MissionsJohn Darnell $14,981,408 Yes4A
42Baptist Medical & Dental Mission InternationalForeign MissionsRichard B. Stillwell $14,591,054 Yes5A
43Kids Alive InternationalForeign MissionsCorbey Dukes $13,746,352 Yes1A
44E3 Partners MinistryForeign MissionsCurtis Hail $13,536,033 Yes3A
45Biblical Ministries WorldwideForeign MissionsChris Bauer $13,429,176 No4D
46JAARS, Inc.Evangelism SupportWoody McLendon $13,359,980 Yes3A
47OC International, Inc.Foreign MissionsGreg Gripentrog $12,720,607 Yes4C
48Far East Broadcasting Company, Inc.Foreign MissionsEdward Cannon $11,879,557 Yes2A
49Iris GlobalForeign MissionsWilliam Hart $11,772,729 Yes5A
50Africa New Life Ministries InternationalForeign MissionsCharles Mugisha $11,119,550 Yes4A
51Back2Back MinistriesForeign MissionsTodd and Beth Guckenberger $11,090,687 Yes4A