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American Bible Society

Summary:  American Bible Society (ABS) began in 1816 to reach people in the United States and around the world who might not otherwise have access to a Bible. 

ABS currently focuses on three things: 

(1) TRANSLATION: They work with ministries and Bible Societies across the globe to accelerate Bible translation. ABS projects that by 2026, they will see 100% of languages open to Scripture engagement. 

(2) TRAUMA HEALING. ABS views trauma as a barrier to the hope of the gospel. ABS brings God’s message of love, hope, and redemption to some of the world’s darkest places such as refugee camps, orphanages, prisons, and war-torn villages. 

(3) TRANSFORMING AMERICA. ABS views American virtues like liberty and justice are drawn from the pages of Scripture. Throughout history, from the Founding Fathers to the Civil Rights movement, the Bible has guided American heroes in their pursuit of justice. Today, ABS invites millions of Americans to engage with the Word of God to transform their neighborhoods, their cities, and their country, one heart at a time.

The aim of the American Bible Society is to make the Bible available to every person in a language and format each can understand and afford, so all people may experience its life-changing message.

MinistryWatch Financial Efficiency Rating:  2 Star (out of a possible 5 Stars)

MinistryWatch Transparency Grade:  A

ECFA Member?  Yes

Revenue in Most Recent Year Available (2019):  $65,589,871

Five-Year Revenue Trend:  Decreasing  (by about 41 percent change)

Percent of Revenue American Bible Society Spends on Fundraising:  15 percent 

Percent Peer Group Spends on Fundraising:  9 percent

President:  Robert Briggs

President’s Salary and Other Compensation: $453,893 (2019 compensation of then president Roy Peterson)

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Rod Pitzer

Rodney Pitzer, Certified Fraud Examiner since 2005, has worked for audit and investigative organizations, including Oregon Department of Justice's Charitable Activities, and being Director of the Oregon Board of Tax Professionals in 1999. In 2011 founded AVOWED.org, ministering to widows, elderly and the disabled, and now scheduled to plant a church in Corpus Christi, Texas.