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Pat Robertson dies, Joel Osteen’s church interrupted, MinistryWatch examines child sponsorships, Jerry Falwell Jr. apologizes

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ONE YEAR AGO: On June 8, 2023, MinistryWatch reported that religious broadcaster Pat Robertson died at age 93. Robertson turned a tiny Virginia station into the global Christian Broadcasting Network, tried a run for president, and helped make religion central to Republican Party politics in America through his Christian Coalition. Read more here.

TWO YEARS AGOOn June 9, 2022, MinistryWatch reported that three activists with a Texas pro-abortion group interrupted a Sunday service at Joel Osteen’s Houston megachurch by stripping to their underwear and shouting “my body, my choice,” “Overturn Roe, Hell no,” and other epithet-laced slogans. Read more here.

THREE YEARS AGO:  On June 4, 2021, MinistryWatch published an article after investigating the practice of child sponsorship to determine the effectiveness of sponsorships in helping children, and what donors need to know. In February 2024, we published an article about the connection between CCM artists and child sponsorship groups. Read more here.

FOUR YEARS AGO:  On June 9, 2020, MinistryWatch reported that Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr. apologized for tweeting an offensive, racially insensitive image. Black alumni in a letter called for Falwell to change his behavior or step down as Liberty president, saying he had “repeatedly violated and misrepresented” Christian principles. The letter said that among other actions, they would stop donating to the school and discourage minorities from enrolling. Read more here.

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Kim Roberts

Kim Roberts is a freelance writer who holds a Juris Doctorate from Baylor University. She has home schooled her three children and is happily married to her husband of 25 years.