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Faith Assemblies of God Rebuilds Homes in Flood-Ravaged Jackson, Kentucky, E3 Partners Trains Texas Church to Share Gospel, Joplin First Church Launches Homeless Ministry, Horizons International Educates Syrian Refugee Children in Lebanon

Churches stepping up, and a school for Syrian refugee children

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For the past six months, volunteers from Faith Assemblies of God in London, Kentucky, have been traveling once a week to Jackson, a city about 90 minutes away that was ravaged by flooding last summer. Church members started by handing out food and water and eventually began helping clear out and rebuild homes for people victimized by the floods.

Volunteers from Faith Assemblies of God work to rebuild a home in Jackson, Kentucky.

E3 Partners Ministry recently trained members from a Baptist church in Plano, Texas, to share the Gospel using a simple circle drawing that features God’s creation of the world, man’s fall into sin, the world’s brokenness, and redemption through Christ. The members used that training during an annual Serve Sunday, where they handed out food to people living in government-subsidized housing. “We know of at least three Gospel conversations during that time,” a church member said. E3 has four stars and an “A” transparency grade in the MinistryWatch database, and a donor confidence score of 96.

In December, Joplin First Church of the Nazarene in Joplin, Missouri, sheltered over 100 homeless people spanning four days during a winter storm with dangerously cold temperatures. Since then, the church has launched a permanent homeless ministry, providing hot meals, showers, and clothing twice a week. Local nonprofits are even donating food and hygiene products.

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Horizons International is educating nearly 150 Syrian refugee students in Lebanon through its School of Hope. Refugee children are particularly vulnerable to radical extremists, but at school they are learning the basics—to read and write, plus comprehension skills—and they are being taught the Gospel.

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Christina Darnell

Christina Darnell is a freelance writer who has contributed to WORLD, The Charlotte Observer, and other publications.