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MINISTRY SPOTLIGHT: Kentucky Mountain Bible College

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Summary:  Kentucky Mountain Bible College began in 1931 dedicated to preparing students for a ministry of spreading scriptural holiness.  It offers undergraduate programs in the Wesleyan Tradition, which is tailor made for those going into ministry for the Salvation Army, Methodist, Nazarene and inter-holiness churches.  However, alumni fill places of Christian leadership in many donominations, mission societies and other Christian organizations.

The College is accredited by The Association for Biblical Higher Education. It has a cooperative agreement with the Nazarene Bible College to offer online classes through the Nazarene Bible College.

The College is a small, lean operation located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, residential setting in Jackson, Kentucky, with about 125 total employees.  The campus and buildings are situated on land that is under a long-term lease (99 years), which can be renewed in 2086.  The lease is only $1.00 per year to The Kentucky Mountain Holiness Association.

The college revenue for 2021 where in the following six categories:

  1. 38% Investment income
  2. 27% Contributions
  3. 17% Tuition and fees
  4. 11% Other services revenue
  5. 6% Radio station income
  6. 1% Retail sales revenue

The aim of Kentucky Mounstain Bible College is to educate and prepare students for Biblical Gospel ministry as educators, Pastors and foreign missionaries.

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MinistryWatch Donor Confidence Score:  86 (out of a possible 100) “Give With Confidence”

MinistryWatch Financial Efficiency Rating:  2 Star (out of a possible 5 Stars)

MinistryWatch Transparency Grade:  A

ECFA Member?  Yes

Revenue in Most Recent Year Available (2020):  $1,714,504

Five-Year Revenue Trend:  Decreasing (about 23 percent decrease)

Percent of Revenue Kentucky Mountain Bible College Spend on Fundraising:  near zero percent

 Percent Peer Group Spends on Fundraising:  2 percent

CEO/President:  Rev. Robert D. Pocai, Ed.D.

 President’s Salary and Other Compensation:  $14,655

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Rod Pitzer

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