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MAP International, Ohio Ministry Network, Jesus House

MAP International rushed 2,160 Disaster Health Kits to displaced survivors in Mayfield, Kentucky, last week after tornadoes ripped through 6 states, killing more than 90 people. In 2021, MAP responded to 11 emergencies in 10 countries, including to victims in Lebanon after the Beirut blast and to Texas and Louisiana following Hurricane Laura. MAP was on MinistryWatch’s list of highly rated disaster relief organizations as well as our 2021 list of Shining Light ministries.

What started as one church in Ohio organizing a drive to provide gift cards for every teen in its county’s foster system has grown to a network of churches distributing gift cards to every foster child in the state. One Church of Gahanna, Ohio, collected enough $25 gift cards in 2019 to give each of Franklin County’s 775 foster teens three cards. Other churches in the state jumped on board, and in 2020, 65 Ohio Ministry Network (OMN) congregations gathered enough $25 gift cards to provide each of the state’s 5,000 foster teens with two gift cards and a handwritten note. This year, more than 4,300 teens will receive cards.

Jesus House, a Christian rescue mission in Oklahoma City, broke ground on its new kitchen and dining facility in May 2021 with plans to open it in the next couple weeks. In 2021, Jesus House distributed almost 8,000 food baskets to people in need, helped more than 225 people through its addiction recovery Life Transformation Program, and served 75,000 meals to the homeless and Jesus House clients, according to the ministry. Jesus House is one of MinistryWatch’s Shining Light ministries for 2021. Shining Light ministries have both a 5-star rating and an ‘A’ transparency grade.

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Christina Darnell

Christina Darnell is a freelance writer who has contributed to WORLD, The Charlotte Observer, and other publications.