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Medical Teams International, Welcome House Knoxville, Advancing Native Missions, Tent Schools International

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Medical Teams International and Food for the Hungry are partnering to provide medical care for victims of a massive fire that ravaged the world’s largest refugee camp in Kutupalong, Bangladesh last week. Medical Teams estimate that some 10,000 Rohingya refugee families—approximately 45,000 people—have been displaced by the fire, which killed at least five people, destroyed shelters and health facilities, and is said to be the largest fire to hit the camps to date, according to WORLD

Stateside, Tent Schools International, a Christian organization focusing on compassionate education for refugee children around the world, is supporting refugee children settled in the West Michigan area by supplying them with recycled computers. Anne Hamming with Tent Schools says many refugee families don’t have money for computers, and children are left attempting schoolwork on their parents’ phones. Hamming encourages people to donate them to local certified electronics recyclers who often refurbish and donate or sell them at steep discounts through community programs. 

Missionary partners with Advancing Native Missions have set up a training center in their home in a remote Mongolian village. Preteens and teens, whose traditional school lessons are sporadic due to the pandemic, attend for English and computer skills training. The missionaries present the gospel after each lesson, and also host worship services on Sundays. 

Welcome House Knoxville was founded in 2019 to provide temporary housing for refugee and immigrant families in the Knoxville, Tennessee, area through connections with Bridge Refugee Services and Knoxville Internationals Network. Recently, they housed an Iraqi refugee family of seven whose house was destroyed by a kitchen fire. The ministry’s mission is to “share the love of Jesus through the ministries of hospitality and friendship” by “providing safe and loving homes for individuals and families in transition to permanent housing.” Love World, a missions ministry of Wallace Memorial Baptist Church, supports Welcome House by volunteering supplies and cleaning services. 

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Christina Darnell

Christina Darnell is a freelance writer who has contributed to WORLD, The Charlotte Observer, and other publications.