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Christian Attorney Helping Trump Overturn Election Must Appear Before Grand Jury

Jenna Ellis, the homeschooled evangelical attorney who had positions with several Christian organizations before landing a job with President Trump, must appear before the Georgia grand jury investigating efforts to overturn 2020 election results in the state. She has also been subpoenaed by the Jan. 6 House committee, along other members of Rudy Giuliani’s “crack legal team.”

Photo: Jenna Ellis’s bio picture from Centennial Institute

“My mission is Truth, my God is the Lord Jesus Christ, and my client is the President of the United States,” she Tweeted in 2020.

Ellis has worked with and has the support of a range of conservative Christian groups.

Alliance Defending Freedom.  Ellis’s bio says she is an allied attorney with ADF, and she has testified on behalf of ADF-sponsored bills, but ADF’s website does not currently mention her.

Cedarville University.  The school where Ellis studied before transferring to Colorado State University to pursue a technical journalism degree offers a Jenna Lynn Ellis Award, an endowed scholarship for junior or senior students planning to attend law school. The school’s website features an article about Ellis and the scholarship.

Colorado Christian University.  Ellis claims she was a professor at CCU, but she actually served as an affiliate faculty member and assistant professor of legal studies during her 2016-2018 tenure. CCU originally called her “Dr. Ellis” before correcting the title.

CCU’s Centennial Institute.  Ellis currently serves as a Fellow in Constitutional Law & Public Policy at CCU’s Centennial Institute, and she spoke at the Institute’s Western Conservative Summit this summer. She also participated in a Religious Freedom Rally for Jack Phillips, the cake baker who won a Supreme Court case over his refusal to create cakes for gay weddings. ADF defended Philips in the case.

Centennial Institute director Jeff Hunt says former CCU President Bill Armstrong recognized  Ellis’ talent in front of a camera and told Hunt to “Make sure you get her out there and see what she can do.”

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James Dobson Family Institute.  After Ellis left CCU, Dobson announced in 2018 that she was being named the director of its Public Policy Center. Tim Clinton, the co-host of Dobson’s Family Talk radio show, said, “Jenna’s talents are obvious to anyone who has met her in person or seen her on television providing excellent policy and legal analysis.”

Dobson helped connect Ellis with Fox News, where she caught Trump’s eye during one of her passionate defenses of his administration.

Liberty University’s Standing for Freedom Center.  Ellis’s bio says she is a Senior Fellow at the Falkirk Center for Faith & Liberty at Liberty University. After hundreds of liberty students petitioned to have Liberty disband the center, it was renamed.

John MacArthur’s Grace Community Church.  Ellis was one of two attorneys successfully defending Grace against COVID vaccine mandates on behalf of The Thomas More Society. Grace won payments totaling $800,000 from California and Los Angeles County after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against the mandates, and the payments were forwarded to the society.

Summit Ministries.  Ellis is an alumnus and faculty at Summit Ministries, the Christian worldview program for youth.

Thomas More Society.  Ellis is Special Counsel for the Thomas More Society, the Catholic “not-for-profit, national public interest law firm dedicated to restoring respect in law for life, family, and religious liberty.” The group is currently fighting Wisconsin nursing home voter abuse.

TMS’s Amistad Project.  The Thomas More Society added election integrity to its mission and in 2018 created the Amistad Project, which sought to overturn 2020 election results in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin as part of its “ongoing litigation against the left’s shadow government.”

An Amistad website formerly listed Ellis among its Leadership and Advisory Board, and said the group would coordinate its efforts with Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election. Amistad later deleted her name from the site and issued a statement that said: “Ms. Ellis’s work for the Trump Campaign is wholly separate and apart from her work for Thomas More Society.” Ellis said her name had been used on the site without her permission.


Steve Rabey

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