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50 Largest Foreign Missions Ministries

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Below is a list of the 50 largest Foreign Missions organizations in the United States, according to the MinistryWatch database.

This list should not be interpreted as a list of recommended ministries.  They are ranked by total revenue, and not by ministry effectiveness, financial efficiency, or any other measure.  That said, the Financial Efficiency rating and the Transparency Grade of each ministry is listed.

To learn more about these ministries, click on the ministry’s name and read the complete MinistryWatch profile on this organization.

If you would like to know more about our Financial Efficiency Rating, click here.  If you would like to know more about our Transparency Grades, click here.

Organization NameECFA Member?Financial Efficiency RatingRevenueTransparency Grade
1Wycliffe Bible TranslatorsYes3 Stars $208,569,000 A
2Mission to the World/PCAYesNot Rated $68,330,211 D
3Pioneers, Inc.Yes3 Stars $67,621,397 A
4Ethnos360/New Tribes MissionYes3 Stars $66,580,479 C
5SIM USA, Inc.Yes3 Stars $54,360,357 C
6World HelpYes4 Stars $42,684,033 A
7TEAM (The Evangelical Alliance Mission)Yes3 Stars $40,439,000 C
8Trans World RadioYes3 Stars $39,588,106 C
9Reliant MissionYes3 Stars $37,572,318 C
10Reach BeyondYesNot Rated $36,171,859 C
11FrontiersYes3 Stars $35,716,018 A
12WorldVentureYes5 Stars $34,429,563 C
13Jewish Voice Ministries InternationalYes2 Stars $31,643,451 A
14Africa Inland Mission InternationalYes3 Stars $27,351,986 C
15One Mission SocietyYes2 Stars $27,036,571 C
16International Cooperating MinistriesYes3 Stars $24,933,786 A
17World Gospel MissionYes2 Stars $24,045,558 C
18Faith Comes By Hearing/ Hosanna MinistriesNo3 Stars $23,647,725 C
19Bible League InternationalYes1 Star $22,927,731 C
20Greater Europe MissionYes3 Stars $21,374,459 C
21Partners InternationalYes4 Stars $20,451,935 C
22Christian Missionary FellowshipYes5 Stars $20,446,227 C
23United World MissionYes3 Stars $19,534,873 C
24E3 Partners MinistryYes4 Stars $19,469,177 A
25East-West Ministries InternationalYes3 Stars $19,204,558 Not Rated
26Serge (formerly World Harvest Mission)Yes4 Stars $18,841,933 A
27SEND InternationalYes4 Stars $18,287,946 C
28Avant Ministries / Gospel Missionary UnionYes3 Stars $17,573,734 C
29ChristarYes3 Stars $15,163,631 C
30Far East Broadcasting CompanyYes3 Stars $14,846,175 A
31Pioneer Bible TranslatorsYes2 Stars $14,417,134 A
32Baptist Medical & Dental Mission InternationalYes5 Stars $14,077,216 A
33Kids Alive InternationalYes3 Stars $13,709,799 A
34Biblical Ministries WorldwideNo5 Stars $13,684,242 D
35OC International, Inc.Yes4 Stars $12,720,607 C
36Back2Back MinistriesYes4 Stars $11,501,498 Not Rated
37Camino GlobalYes3 Stars $10,735,716 C
38One Collective formerly International TeamsYes4 Stars $10,573,227 A
39Advancing Native MissionsYes4 Stars $10,353,609 A
40World Team USAYes3 Stars $9,815,574 C
41World Outreach MinistriesNo5 Stars $8,882,992 D
42Children of the NationsYes3 Stars $8,161,732 Not Rated
43AMG InternationalYes2 Stars $7,676,634 A
44Dayspring InternationalYes2 Stars $7,285,527 C
45Slavic Gospel AssociationYes2 Stars $7,189,147 C
46World-Wide MissionsNoNot Rated $6,320,691 F
47Interserve, USA / International Service FellowshipYes4 Stars $6,239,560 A
48Joshua FundYes4 Stars $5,857,866 A
49Mission EurasiaYes4 Stars $5,830,671 A
50World Witness, the Board of Foreign MissionsYes3 Stars $5,346,609 C
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