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Two Needy, Smaller Ministries Worthy of Your Gift This Christmas Season

“He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap ” Psalm 113:7

Because of personal relationships, we are aware of two smaller ministries we believe are worthy of your consideration. Neither is yet profiled in our MinistryWatch.com database and neither has the resources to let you know about their faithful ministry efforts. While we have not yet been able to fully analyze these ministries, we feel we know enough to at least bring them to your attention. Like most ministries, they could certainly use additional financial resources. While there are many such smaller, deserving ministries across the country, these are two which we can knowledgeably recommend. It would really be a very, very special blessing for these humble servants to receive an unexpected year-end gift from you. Gifts can be given easily through these ministries websites, which can be found below.

1.) AVOWED Christians – At MinistryWatch.com we have always been perplexed by the near absence of ministries following the Biblical command to care for widows and orphans. Former MinistryWatch.com employee Rod Pitzer is seeking to fill this need as well as several others. AVOWED stands for Actively Visiting Orphans, Widows, the Elderly and the Disabled. Partnering with local churches on the Central West Coast of Florida, AVOWED Christians seeks to actively visit the lonely and forgotten, ministering to their emotional and spiritual needs. AVOWED also encourages, equips and facilitates others to engage in this compassionate activity. Rod knows well the challenges such people face as he himself is wheelchair bound as a result of an auto accident in his teenage years. You will seldom find a more genuine expression of Christian love in a ministry. Learn more about this unique ministry at their website at www.avowed.org.

2.) Little Lights Urban Ministries – Since 1995, Little Lights Urban Ministries has been committed to providing sanctuaries of encouragement, hope, and practical assistance to at-risk children, youth, and families in Washington D.C.’s inner city. Working almost in the shadow of the Capitol building, Little Lights has recruited more than 2,000 volunteers for weekly tutoring, enrichment trips, mentoring, and special events. More than 800 children have participated in Little Lights’ programs throughout its history. At the moment, Little Lights is expanding its efforts into a new impoverished neighborhood. This ministry has been voted as one of the best small non-profits in the Washington, DC area. A relative of a MinistryWatch.com employee works for this ministry, so we have first-hand knowledge of both the good stewardship of donor’s resources and the effectiveness of their ministry. More information can be found at the ministry’s website at www.littlelights.org.