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In Touch Ministries to Launch Charles Stanley Institute

The institute—a legacy project of the late Charles Stanley—will offer free, in-depth Biblical education

A free online Christian educational platform, the Charles Stanley Institute, was announced to launch next month by In Touch Ministries (ITM). ITM was founded in 1972 by the late preacher Dr. Charles Stanley, a televangelist, author and senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Atlanta for 49 years.

The late Charles Stanley / Photo courtesy of the Charles Stanley Institute

“The Charles Stanley Institute is the disciple-training arm of In Touch Ministries,” the institute’s description reads. “It exists to provide believers like you with sound, Bible-based, Christ-centered, Holy Spirit-filled instruction so you can know God, learn to listen to Him, and experience the abundant Christian life for which He created you.”

The launch is officially slated to take place on April 18—one year to the day since Stanley’s passing. Stanley died at his Georgia home at the age 90.

“Dr. Charles Stanley has been that faithful, trustworthy, and relatable servant of God. He’s no longer here, but what Christ taught us through him is,” the institute’s description reads. “Now, through the Charles Stanley Institute, you can dive deeper and learn.”

According to Seth Grey, ITM’s COO, Stanley personally anticipated this launch. “The Institute was the last big project Dr. Stanley signed off on before he passed away. He was thrilled by the thought of offering this kind of in-depth training to people. When he went home to be with the Lord, we knew this was our path forward—this was what he wanted us to do,” Grey told Christian Post (CP).

Each class will start with one of Stanley’s sermons followed by a deeper dive with new materials, including Bible studies, Scripture-based instructional videos, leader guides and more, ITM said. Upon the launch, students can track progress and customize their online educational experience.

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“Our partners are always telling us how much Dr. Stanley meant to their walk with God and how they want In Touch to keep going. That’s why we’re so excited about the Charles Stanley Institute,” Grey said.

The Charles Stanley Institute Executive Director Joshua Howard told CP that people want to learn about Jesus from a trusted source—and that’s still the case.

“For so many years, that was Dr. Stanley. He’s no longer here, but what God taught us through him is—it’s timeless and worth a deeper look,” Howard continued. “With God leading, Dr. Stanley’s amazing content, curriculum tailored to grow disciples, and a state-of-the-art website, we’re hopeful we can provide believers everywhere with a place to flourish in their faith.”

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