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50 Largest Media Ministries in the US

Below is a list of the largest media ministries in the country.

These days, almost all ministries have some media component,  Pastors write books.  Journalists have podcasts.  However, the list below is a list of those ministries whose work is primarily media-driven.  They include media organizations — such as television and radio networks — as well as “teaching and preaching ministries” whose presence is primarily on radio and television.

It is important to note that this list does NOT include a number of for-profit organizations, including the Salem Radio Network and the Bott Radio Network.

Also, MinistryWatch has identified a growing trend among Christian ministries to identify as churches and thereby withhold their Form 990s.  Many of these organizations have a significant media presence.  Indeed, some of them are primarily media organizations.  They include: Joel Osteen, David Jeremiah, Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar, and Kenneth Copeland.

A word about timing: This information comes from the most recent Form 990 available. For most ministries on this list, the most recent year available was 2019. For a few ministries, the most recent year is 2018 or older.  To read the complete profile of the ministries, click on the name of the ministry.  That link will take you to the ministry’s profile in the MinistryWatch database.

Organization nameSectorCEOTotal revenueECFARatingTransp
1Christian Broadcasting NetworkEducational MediaGordon Robertson416,063,836Yes4A
2Educational Media Foundation (K-LOVE and Air 1)Radio/ TV StationsBill Reeves208,751,473Yes2A
3Trinity Broadcasting NetworkRadio/ TV StationsMatthew Crouch137,389,286No1D
4Joyce Meyer MinistriesEducational MediaJoyce Meyer101,718,322Yes4C
5Focus on the FamilyEducational MediaJames D. Daly99,206,000Yes4A
6In Touch Ministries/ Charles StanleyEducational MediaPhillip Bowen97,575,921Yes4A
7Eternal Word Television NetworkEducational MediaMichael Warsaw64,946,744No3D
8Turning Point for GodRadio/ TV StationsDavid Jeremiah64,040,975No4C
9Life Outreach International Association of ChurchesEducational MediaJames Robison55,835,138Yes2C
10Our Daily Bread MinistriesEducational MediaRichard DeHaan49,041,750Yes5A
11Ravi Zacharias International MinistriesEducational MediaRavi Zacharias36,819,475Yes3C
12Inspirational Network/ Inspiration MinistriesRadio/ TV StationsDavid Cerullo31,653,274No1D
13Lutheran Hour MinistriesEducational MediaKurt Buchholz30,948,421No1D
14Ligonier MinistriesEducational MediaChris Larson28,577,147Yes2A
15Radio Training NetworkRadio/ TV StationsJames Campbell26,689,631Yes4A
16Grace to YouEducational MediaJohn F. MacArthur, Jr.25,056,859Yes4C
17Thru the Bible Radio NetworkRadio/ TV StationsGregg Harris24,345,832No4C
18Messianic Vision, Inc.Educational MediaSid Roth22,572,443Yes4C
19Leading The Way with Dr. Michael YoussefEducational MediaMichael Youssef19,762,908Yes3A
20Insight for Living/ Chuck SwindollEducational MediaCynthia Swindoll17,377,961Yes2A
21KSBJ Educational FoundationRadio/ TV StationsJoe Paulo15,075,856Yes3A
22Bible Broadcasting NetworkRadio/ TV StationsBarbara Redemann14,529,494No3D
23Truth For LifeEducational MediaAlistair Begg14,420,447Yes3A
24The Urban AlternativeEducational MediaAnthony T. Evans14,349,411Yes2A
25Three Angels Broadcasting Network IncRadio/ TV StationsGreg Morikone14,146,278No3D
26Precept Ministries InternationalEducational MediaDavid Arthur11,713,875Yes3A
27Family Life CommunicationsRadio/ TV StationsRandy Carlson10,244,359Yes4A
28God's World PublicationsEducational MediaKevin Martin10,198,580No3C
29Christianity Today InternationalEducational MediaTimothy Dalrymple9,720,997Yes3A
30It Is WrittenEducational MediaMark Finley9,099,925No5D
31ReFrame MinistriesEducational MediaKurt Selles8,761,385Yes1C
32SAT 7Radio/ TV StationsRex M. Rogers 8,715,817Yes3A
33Jack Van Impe MinistriesEducational MediaDr. Jack Van Impe8,253,407No2D
34Family Radio / Family Stations, Inc.Radio/ TV StationsThomas Evans7,200,953No2C
35God TVRadio/ TV StationsWard Simpson7,104,094No3D
36Family Life MinistriesEducational MediaDick Snavely6,281,607Yes2A
37Ankerberg Theological Research InstituteEducational MediaDr. John Ankerberg6,042,560Yes3A
38Love Worth Finding MinistriesEducational MediaCary E. Vaughn5,694,429Yes2A
39Hal Lindsey Website MinistriesRadio/ TV StationsHal Lindsey5,651,022No3D
40Voice of ProphecyEducational MediaShawn Boonstra5,621,770No4D
41D. James Kennedy MinistriesEducational MediaDr. Frank W. Wright4,580,358Yes3A
42Cornerstone Televison Network, Inc.Radio/ TV StationsSteve Johnson4,378,461Yes1C
43The Christian Network, Inc./ CNI/ WORSHIP Network/ PRAISE TV NetworkRadio/ TV StationsMr. Dustin Rubeck4,370,884NoF
44Back to the Bible/ Good News Broadcasting AssociationEducational MediaMr. Arnie Cole4,282,420No2C
45Quiet HourEducational MediaRev. William Tucker3,493,547No1C
46Haven MinistriesEducational MediaCharles Morris3,411,985Yes4C
47Impact ProductionsEducational MediaMr. Thomas Newman3,389,305No3D
48Touching Lives/ James MerrittEducational MediaDr. James Merritt2,373,570Yes4A
49Alberto Mottesi Evangelistic Association, Inc.Educational MediaMr. Alberto Mottesi2,352,503No3D
50Lowell Lundstrom Ministries, Inc.Educational MediaRev. Lowell Lundstrom2,342,689Yes