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Ep. 35: Falwell, MacArthur, and PPP Top Stories for August

On today’s program, updates to ongoing stories involving Jerry Falwell Jr. and megachurch pastor John MacArthur.  We’ll have the latest.  Also on today’s program, another church in California could be fined more than $25,000 for its defiance of COVID restrictions.  And Campus Crusade for Christ – now known as CRU and one of the largest Christian ministries in the country – gets only the third new leader in the organization’s history.

You can find the list and all the stories we’ve discussed today by going to MinistryWatch.org.

Finally, I would like to remind all of our listeners that I have a new book out.  It’s called “Faith Based Fraud: Learning From The Great Religious Scandals of our Time.  It’s our resource for the month of September, and that means for a gift of any size – even $1 – we’ll send you a copy of the book as our thank you.  To learn more about the book, or to give to MinistryWatch, go to MinistryWatch.com and hit the “donate” button at the top of the page.

Each week, Warren Smith and Natasha Smith bring you news about Christian ministries, as well as the latest in charity and philanthropy, all designed to help us become better stewards of the resources God has entrusted to us.

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May God bless you.