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Ep. 223: A Conversation with Robert Thrasher, Who Represents Kanakuk Survivor Logan Yandell

Last week, Logan Yandell filed a lawsuit against Kanakuk Ministries alleging fraud.  Logan Yandell’s lawsuit says that when he signed a financial settlement and non-disclosure agreement with Kanakuk, he did not have information that Kanakuk had that would have changed his decision to sign these documents.

Here at MinistryWatch, we’ve been covering this story for more than a year, so naturally we were interested in this new development.  So we reached out both to Kanakuk and to Logan Yandell’s attorney, Robert Thrasher.  Kanakuk sent us a short statement, which we published in our story about this new lawsuit, posted on the website last week.

But Robert Thrasher, the attorney for Logan Yandell, agreed to an interview.  So I spoke with Thrasher via zoom last week.  Today we feature that conversation.  You can read our article about the lawsuit, and all of our coverage of Kanakuk Ministries, by going to MinistryWatch.com and typing “Kanakuk” into the search engine.


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May God bless you.