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Chalmers Center Names Coy Buckley as CEO

The Chalmers Center, a Christian organization leading the way in rethinking and responding to poverty, named Coy Buckley as its new president and CEO.

Coy Buckley / Photo via social media @The Chalmers Center

“I am overjoyed to welcome our incoming President/CEO, Coy Buckley, who will lead the next phase of growth for the Chalmers Center,” said Dr. Brian Fikkert, founder of the Chalmers Center. “In addition to having over a decade of experience as a microfinance practitioner, [Buckley] brings a greater level of expertise at scaling than we’ve ever had before. With a theological orientation and commitment to the local church that mirrors that of Chalmers, [Buckley’s] gifts and experiences uniquely equip him to lead Chalmers into increased kingdom impact in the years to come.”

Buckley spent more than a decade developing EFTA (Equity for Tanzania Ltd.), an alternative financing provider that provides unique solutions for equipment finance. According to The Marketplace, purchasing machinery needed to grow a business in many African nations can be especially difficult. Tanzanian Banks require 125% collateral for any loans—and Tanzanian entrepreneurs and farmers aren’t able to jump to that standard.

“Small businesses and farmers really struggle to get enough capital to grow. EFTA’s leasing model provides a practical, business-oriented solution,” Buckley said in an interview with The Marketplace. The firm’s leasing model gets around hurdles of conventional financial companies by using the financed equipment as collateral. EFTA works with big suppliers such as New Holland and John Deere.

“I look forward to building on Chalmers’ existing programs to support churches and ministries around the world, and to prayerfully lead the organization forward as we seek new and creative ways to fulfill Christ’s call to love our neighbor, foster healthy communities and serve those in need,” Buckley said.

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Buckley is also co-founder of Equity for Africa Group. Prior to his time in East Africa, Buckley spent close to 10 years as a Certified Public Accountant in Europe and the US where he worked in transaction services and buy-side due diligence, as well as the advisory practice. Buckley has been a featured speaker and guest lecturer at venues such as the International Finance Corporation (IFC), World Bank Group, FAO, INSEAD, Grow Africa, FMO and the University of Zürich.

Buckley succeeds Michael Briggs, who was executive director for 10 years and will remain a member of the Chalmers Center team.

“Beyond [Buckley’s] experience, I’m most impressed by his compassion, integrity, commitment to family and his faithful walk with Christ,” Briggs said.

The Chalmers Center is known for its best-selling book, “When Helping Hurts,” which has sold more than 300,000 copies and has been translated into five languages. The Chalmers Center is committed to rethinking poverty from a Christian perspective and respond with practical biblical principles so that all are restored to flourishing.

The Chalmers Center has 2 stars and an “A” transparency grade in the MinistryWatch database, and a “Give With Confidence” donor confidence score of 85.

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