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Boy Scouts Reportedly Nearing Agreement to Compensate Sexual Abuse Victims

The Boy Scouts of America are reportedly close to an agreement on how to compensate the tens of thousands of victims who have filed sexual abuse claims against the organization, The Wall Street Journal reported.

People familiar with the case also told WSJ the Boy Scouts are in negotiations with a coalition of law firms representing victims regarding a compensation framework. They also have expressed their intent to sign over insurance policies to a trust fund set aside to compensate victims in order to increase the amount available, sources said.

WSJ said the Boy Scouts declined to comment on any pending agreement. 

The Boy Scouts of America filed a bankruptcy plan in March to set aside $300 million to evaluate and settle sexual abuse claims, money that would be raised in part by selling the group’s collection of Norman Rockwell paintings.  

Lawyers for victims said that amount was “woefully inadequate,” and in April asked a judge for permission to file their own reorganization plan, claiming the BSA plan does not fairly compensate victims and protects the assets of local Boy Scouts councils and sponsoring organizations from liability.

The committee for the victims estimated the value of the roughly 84,000 sexual abuse claims filed in the bankruptcy at about $103 billion, adding that even those estimates were “extremely conservative.”

The BSA has apologized to victims and instituted strong safety protocols.

WSJ reported that the Boy Scouts’ legal and administrative costs connected with the Chapter 11 filing could reach $150 million by August.

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Anne Stych

Anne Stych is a writer in Charlotte, North Carolina.