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50 Largest Media Ministries In The Country

Below is a list of the largest media ministries in the country.

These days, almost all ministries have some media component, Pastors write books. Journalists have podcasts. However, the list below is a list of those ministries whose work is primarily media-driven. They include media organizations — such as television and radio networks — as well as “teaching and preaching ministries” whose presence is primarily on radio and television. For those of you who are fluent in the MinistryWatch 1000 database, this list includes the “Educational Media” and the “Radio/TV Stations” categories.

It is important to note that this list does NOT include a number of for-profit organizations, including the Salem Radio Network and the Bott Radio Network.

This is the third year we have produced this list, and we have seen some significant movement among media organizations. Eight ministries on this year’s list were not on the list last year. In some cases the reason was the expansion of our database from 500 to 1000 ministries over the past two years. We simply discovered new organizations that we had previously inadvertently omitted. Amazing Facts, #16 on the list, is an example.

But in some cases, the new additions were the result of significant growth.

The “biggest mover” on the list is Family Radio (#10). Many readers will remember Family Radio because of its controversial founder Harold Camping, who unsuccessfully predicted the return of Jesus. However, the new leaders of the station have done much work to leave the Camping era behind, and evangelical listeners and donors have been responding. The organization has seen growth in the past few years, but its big move this year was primarily due to the sale of assets.

In at least one case – Ravi Zacharias International Ministries – the ministry is out of business. However, we have left them on the list in order to provide an accurate snapshot of the ministry’s finances when it disbanded.

Also, MinistryWatch has identified a growing trend among Christian ministries to identify as churches and thereby withhold their Form 990s. Many of these organizations have a significant media presence. Indeed, some of them are primarily media organizations. They include: Joel Osteen, Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar, and Kenneth Copeland. They should likely be on this list, but we have no way of accurately evaluating them.

A word about timing: This information comes from the most recent Form 990 available. For most ministries on this list, the most recent year available was 2020. For a few ministries, the most recent year is 2019 or older. As we have previously reported, the IRS has a significant backlog of Form 990s they have yet to process. That problem is getting better, but it is not fully solved. To read the complete profile of the ministries, which will identify the most recent year we have financial information available, click on the name of the ministry. That link will take you to the ministry’s profile in the MinistryWatch database.

RankLast YearSectorOrganization nameCEO Total revenue ECFAFE RatingTranspDCS
11Educational MediaChristian Broadcasting NetworkGordon Robertson $391,446,483 Yes4A75
22Radio/ TV StationsEducational Media Foundation (K-LOVE/Air 1 Radio)Bill Reeves $217,543,110 Yes3A90
34Educational MediaJoyce MeyerJoyce Meyer $112,766,375 Yes4C45
45Educational MediaFocus on the FamilyJames D. Daly $100,912,000 Yes4A100
56Educational MediaIn Touch Ministries/ Charles StanleyPhillip Bowen $97,575,921 Yes4A95
63Radio/ TV StationsTrinity Broadcasting NetworkMatthew Crouch $81,522,170 No4D20
78Radio/ TV StationsTurning Point for GodDavid Jeremiah $69,993,884 No4C50
87Radio/ TV StationsEternal Word Television NetworkMichael Warsaw $64,564,669 No3D70
99Educational MediaLife Outreach International Association of ChurchesJames Robison $59,856,265 Yes2C60
1034Radio/ TV StationsFamily Radio / Family Stations, Inc.Thomas Evans $51,803,225 No2C60
1110Educational MediaOur Daily Bread MinistriesMatthew Lucas $51,255,727 Yes5A95
1213Educational MediaLutheran Hour MinistriesKurt Buchholz $45,870,512 No1D50
1312Radio/ TV StationsInspirational Network / Inspiration MinistriesDavid Cerullo $41,041,945 No1D20
1416Educational MediaGrace to YouJohn F. MacArthur, Jr. $37,224,804 Yes3C65
1511Educational MediaRavi Zacharias International MinistriesRavi Zacharias $36,819,475 No3D15
16NREducational MediaAmazing FactsDouglas Batchelor $35,047,793 No1C55
1717Radio/ TV StationsThru the Bible Radio NetworkGregg Harris $30,997,934 No4D80
1818Educational MediaMessianic VisionSid Roth $29,178,855 Yes4C60
1919Educational MediaLeading The Way with Dr. Michael YoussefMichael Youssef $28,630,572 Yes4A100
2014Educational MediaLigonier MinistriesChris Larson $28,577,147 Yes1A65
2115Radio/ TV StationsRadio Training NetworkJames Campbell $26,256,933 Yes3A95
22NRRadio/ TV StationsWAY MediaTim Dukes $19,398,168 No2A95
2320Educational MediaInsight for Living / Chuck SwindollCynthia Swindoll $19,012,020 Yes2A65
2423Educational MediaTruth For LifeAlistair Begg $17,905,822 Yes3A100
2524Educational MediaThe Urban Alternative/Tony EvansAnthony T. Evans $16,589,247 Yes2A65
2622Radio/ TV StationsBible Broadcasting NetworkBarbara Redemann $16,194,643 No3D60
27NREducational MediaBible ProjectSteve Atkinson $15,619,723 No4D45
2821Radio/ TV StationsHope Media Group / KSBJJoe Paulo $13,472,768 Yes2A85
2927Radio/ TV StationsFamily Life CommunicationsEvan Carlson $12,437,177 Yes4A80
3026Educational MediaPrecept Ministries InternationalDavid Arthur $11,251,091 Yes2A95
3128Educational MediaGod's World PublicationsKevin Martin $11,160,512 No3C85
3231Educational MediaReFrame MinistriesKurt Selles $10,159,320 Yes2C75
3329Educational MediaChristianity Today InternationalTimothy Dalrymple $10,073,165 Yes3A80
3432Radio/ TV StationsSAT 7 / SAT-7 North AmericaRita El-Mounayer / Terence Ascott $9,289,132 Yes3A100
3530Educational MediaIt Is WrittenJohn Bradshaw $9,099,925 No5F55
36NREducational MediaLiving on the Edge with Chip IngramChip Ingram / Andrew Accardy $9,018,713 Yes3A100
37NRRadio/ TV StationsHouston Christian BroadcastersBruce Munsterman $8,962,514 Yes4A90
38NRRadio/ TV StationsAtlantic Gateway CommunicationsKevin Krueger $7,708,177 Yes2A90
3937Educational MediaAnkerberg Theological Research InstituteJohn Ankerberg $7,588,772 Yes3A90
4036Educational MediaFamily Life MinistriesRick Snavely $7,540,518 Yes2A95
41NRRadio/ TV StationsGateway Creative Broadcasting / Joy FMSandi Brown $7,335,279 Yes2A90
4235Radio/ TV StationsGod TVWard Simpson $6,506,189 No-2D40
4340Educational MediaVoice of ProphecyShawn Boonstra $5,179,106 No4D45
4438Educational MediaLove Worth Finding MinistriesCary E. Vaughn $5,174,382 Yes3A90
4533Educational MediaJack Van Impe MinistriesRexella Van Impe $5,118,414 No1D45
4642Radio/ TV StationsCornerstone Television NetworkSteve Johnson $5,012,264 Yes1A65
4744Educational MediaBack to the BibleArnie Cole $4,950,115 No2C65
4841Educational MediaCoral Ridge Ministries MediaFrank W. Wright $4,741,734 Yes3A85
4939Radio/ TV StationsHal Lindsey Website MinistriesHal Lindsey $4,524,182 No3D45
Warren Cole Smith

Warren previously served as Vice President of WORLD News Group, publisher of WORLD Magazine, and Vice President of The Colson Center for Christian Worldview. He has more than 30 years of experience as a writer, editor, marketing professional, and entrepreneur. Before launching a career in Christian journalism 25 years ago, Smith spent more than seven years as the Marketing Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers.