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Proverbs 31 Ministries Founder Lysa TerKeurst’s Husband Seeks Alimony In Divorce Proceedings

In January, author and founder of Proverbs 31 Ministries Lysa TerKeurst announced she’d filed for divorce from her husband, Art. 

The couple married in 1992 and have been separated since November 2020. North Carolina, where the TerKeursts live, requires that a couple be separated for a continuous year before instituting a divorce proceeding.

In February, Art filed a response to the petition for divorce, asking for post-separation support, alimony, an equitable division of property, damages, and the rescission of a post-nuptial agreement which he says was unconscionable and based upon fraud. 

According to the court filings, Art asserts the post-nuptial agreement was executed under duress at a time when he was suicidal and about to enter a treatment facility for alcoholism. He says, based on the harassment and demands of his wife, friends, and family, he signed the agreement without “the opportunity to consult with counsel.”

After he finished the treatment, he and Lysa renewed their vows and Art claims he believed the post-nuptial agreement was invalidated as part of their “fresh start.”

He also alleges the terms of the post-nuptial agreement have not been followed because Lysa has disposed of property without following the mandatory arbitration clause in the agreement.

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Additionally, Art is seeking post-separation support as he is “actually and substantially dependent upon [his] wife for his maintenance and support.” He adds that he does not have the “financial ability or adequate resources” to meet his needs or his accustomed standard of living.

While Art admits in the response to the divorce petition that he had engaged in illicit sexual behavior prior to the post-nuptial agreement, he also asserts that he “has been a faithful and dutiful spouse.”

He asserts the same reasons for requesting the court grant him alimony for an indefinite period, taking into consideration such factors as earnings and earning capacity, his contribution to her education and increased earning power, and his contributions at times as the home maker.

Finally, Art asks the court to grant him a distribution of their marital property in his favor.

Lysa has until April 11 to reply to Art’s defenses and counterclaims. 

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Kim Roberts

Kim Roberts is a freelance writer who holds a Juris Doctorate from Baylor University. She has home schooled her three children and is happily married to her husband of 25 years. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, gardening, and coaching high school extemporaneous speaking and debate.