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MINISTRY SPOTLIGHT: Christian Relief Services Charities

Christian Relief Services Charities (CRSC) began in 1985 with a global view to improve the physical welfare of human suffering. It works to preserve native heritages, customs, and beliefs. Additionally, it acquires low-income housing by developing, renovating, and managing housing for persons of limited means, including the disabled and elderly. 

CRSC is made up of at least 23 individual charities, each with its own exemption letter and as a separate entity. CRSC has a note in its financials concerning all of its affiliated, subsidiary, and subordinate units that says: “each with diverse missions and accomplishments.” This complex structure makes it complicated to grasp the totality of its operations. Because the organizations are operating together on some level, they share resources, including their human resource department, accounting, IT, philanthropy, legal counsel and risk management, business management, insurance and benefits, grant management, and help managing regulatory requirements.

The majority of organizations (about 18) were formed to provide low-income housing for persons of limited financial means, qualified housing for disabled persons, and other types of qualified housing for elderly persons. Based on a note from its financial statements, revenue as a whole is also tied to these majority activities, which provides funding from housing rental income, related service fees, and investment income.

CRSC also has an organization working in Africa (Bread and Water for Africa) focused on physical needs and necessities. Another organization is dedicated to American Indian people to meet their immediate physical needs. And another is focused on the physical needs of disabled people in the United States.

The aim of Christian Relief Service Charities is to globally alleviate human suffering by focusing on meeting immediate physical needs.

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MinistryWatch Donor Confidence Score:  75 (out of a possible 100) “Give With Confidence”

MinistryWatch Financial Efficiency Rating:  1 Star (Out of a possible of 5)

MinistryWatch Transparency Grade:  C

ECFA Member?  No

Revenue in Most Recent Year Available (2022):  $67,871,325

Three-Year Revenue Trend: Increasing (by about 5%)

Percent of Revenue Christian Relief Services Charities Spends on Fundraising:  1%

Percent Peer Group Spends on Fundraising:  6%

CEO/President:  Brian Krizek

President’s Salary and Other Compensation:  $337,713

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Rod Pitzer

Rodney Pitzer, Certified Fraud Examiner since 2005, has worked for audit and investigative organizations, including Oregon Department of Justice's Charitable Activities, and being Director of the Oregon Board of Tax Professionals in 1999. In 2011 founded AVOWED.org, ministering to widows, elderly and the disabled, and now scheduled to plant a church in Corpus Christi, Texas.