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Hillsdale College


Hillsdale College began in 1844 by Freewill Baptists, but it has been officially non-denominational.  Because of its desire to be non-denominational, it does not have a statement of faith, nor require chapel attendance.  Hillsdale College was the first American college to prohibit discrimination and as such it advocated against slavery, and was the second college in the nation to grant four-year liberal arts degrees to women.  In 1984, with its desire to reaffirm its independence, Hillsdale College withdrew from all federal and state student loans and grants, replacing government assistance with private contributions.  Hillsdale College is a smaller classical liberal arts college than many in the United States, with 504 total employees, and just under 1,500 undergraduate students across all of its locations that includes 14 organizations in the Hillsdale College corporate family.  The aim of Hillsdale College is to furnish all persons who wish, irrespective of nation, color, or sex, a literary, scientific and theological education.

MinistryWatch Financial Efficiency Rating: 1 Star (out of a possible 5 Stars)

MinistryWatch Transparency Grade: C

ECFA Member? No

Revenue in Most Recent Year Available (2020): $287,422,849

Five-Year Revenue Trend: Increasing  (by 66 percent change)

Percent of Revenue Hillsdale College Spends on Fundraising: 20 percent

Percent Peer Group Spends on Fundraising: 2 percent

President: Larry P. Arnn

President’s Salary and Other Compensation: $1,099,372

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Rod Pitzer

Rodney Pitzer, Certified Fraud Examiner since 2005, has worked for audit and investigative organizations, including Oregon Department of Justice's Charitable Activities, and being Director of the Oregon Board of Tax Professionals in 1999. In 2011 founded AVOWED.org, ministering to widows, elderly and the disabled, and now scheduled to plant a church in Corpus Christi, Texas.