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Warriors Set Free, Life360 Community Services, World Mission, Vision Central Church, Mercy Chefs

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Vision Central Church in Mexico ministers to local children through various programs, including Vacation Bible School and an ongoing Saturday breakfast for 15-20 kids where the church team uses games and activities to teach the Bible.

Warriors Set Free, a division of Set Free Ministries, has partnered with Army Chaplain Corps to provide mental and spiritual support to active-duty military. Warriors Set Free was initially designed to equip veterans to help other veterans heal and overcome challenges experienced during military service, but the partnership will expand ministry to those currently serving. 

World Mission says it recently provided 100 refugee families with food supplies, blankets, and audio Bibles, and that it saved 80 Afghan girls from being trafficked. 

CoxHealth last year gifted its former hospital building to Life360 Community Services, a nonprofit associated with Life360 Church in Springfield, Missouri, to set up a community center. The transfer finalized in September 2021, and Convoy of Hope has helped the ministry make necessary adaptations to provide facilities amenable to community-oriented occupants—such as a career center, college campus, income-based dental clinic, and Family Advocacy Solutions—as well as its own services, such as a pre-school and nutrition center. 

Mercy Chefs last week surpassed 1.75 million pounds of food and resources delivered to people impacted by the war in Ukraine. Teams have been on the ground in Ukraine for almost two months, handing out food to families hiding in basements and subway stations. They recently traveled to an orphanage now serving as a temporary home for mothers and children who fled their homes. Mercy Chefs has four stars and a ‘D’ transparency grade in the MinistryWatch database, and a donor confidence score of 55.

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Christina Darnell

Christina Darnell is a freelance writer who has contributed to WORLD, The Charlotte Observer, and other publications.