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Christian Women in Media, Nazarene Compassionate Ministries, Chi Alpha Campus Ministries

Nazarene Compassionate Ministries is preparing and distributing food packages daily to more than 1,000 families in Haiti struggling through the after effects of the August 14 earthquake. NCM also handed out tarps to families who lost their homes. “The service continues every day in Haiti,” said Dhariana Balbuena, NCM coordinator for the Mesoamerica Region. “Let us continue together praying and supporting our brothers and their communities.”

Christian Women in Media’s charity arm Heart of Mercy Mission is raising money to help Afghan refugees by supplying hygiene packages, clothing, medical supplies, post-traumatic counseling, and gospel printed materials to women and children. “We are partnering with a well vetted European Ministry who are reaching the Afghan women and children refugees in Europe,” CWIMA President Suellen Roberts said in an email to MinistryWatch. The United Nations has warned that up to half a million displaced Afghans could flood neighboring countries following the U.S. troop withdrawal and Taliban takeover, on top of the already 2.2 million Afghan refugees already in neighboring countries, according to the BBC

Chi Alpha Campus Ministries, an Assemblies of God ministry to college students, has launched a Church Partnership Initiative aimed at training members of AG community churches to minister at local colleges that don’t currently have an active ministry presence. Training part-time volunteers instead of relying on full-time missionaries may allow Chi Alpha to set up ministries in underserved campuses, like community colleges and smaller campuses.  

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Christina Darnell

Christina Darnell is a freelance writer who has contributed to WORLD, The Charlotte Observer, and other publications.