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IHOPKC Leader Addresses Need for Positive Change; Bans Bob Hartley from Prayer Room

Interim director and military veteran Kurt Fuller sees proper leader training as ‘critical.’

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During an update about the state of the scandal-plagued ministry of International House of Prayer Kansas City (IHOPKC), the interim director Kurt Fuller acknowledged that some of the issues that have arisen are due to lack of leadership training.

“One of the key opportunities that I’ve seen here is that this base has a lack of solid leadership training, and really no formal leader development programs. We need to fix this starting now,” Fuller told those gathered.

“It’s very clear to me from the many examples of hurtful experiences that have been shared with me, they are a direct result of this dynamic,” he said, adding that many staff members were not properly trained in leadership principles. However, he also recognized some “incredible examples” of leadership with IHOPKC over the years.

Fuller, a military veteran, became the interim executive director of IHOPKC on December 10 after former director Stuart Greaves resigned without explanation.

Acknowledging that the needed leadership training changes will take time, resources, and “organizational energy,” Fuller added, “It’s critical for our corporate health.”

Fuller announced plans for leadership training to include what constitutes misconduct, proper reporting of misconduct, and the ways to respond to misconduct.

He also emphasized loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, integrity, empathy, personal courage, and humility.

On December 22, IHOPKC announced it would cut ties with founder Mike Bickle. “Since taking over management of the crisis, the executive committee has received new information to now confirm a level of inappropriate behavior on the part of Mike Bickle that requires IHOPKC to immediately, formally, permanently separate from him,” IHOPKC spokesperson Eric Volz said in a video statement.

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Allegations of sexual immorality against Bickle arose in October after former leaders at IHOPKC brought information to current ministry leaders. In December, Bickle admitted to past misconduct that caused “pain, confusion, and division in the body of Christ.”

IHOPKC has also banned self-proclaimed prophet Bob Hartley from its 24 hour prayer room due to allegations of sexual misconduct, according to reporting by the Christian Post.

Volz also confirmed that Hartley is not on staff at IHOPKC.

Michelle Seidler, whose Facebook profile says she was a former prophetic teacher at IHOPKC, posted several stories of unnamed women who allege that Hartley tried to seduce them through his “prophetic ministry.”

Main Photo: IHOPKC Interim Director Kurt Fuller / Video screenshot

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Kim Roberts

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