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Ep. 52: The State of Christian Higher Ed with David Dockery

On today’s MinistryWatch Extra podcast, a special presentation of my conversation with David Dockery.

It is likely that Christian education in this country would look significantly different were it not for the life and work of David Dockery.  He has served as president of Trinity International University, in the Chicago area, and as president of Union University, during a time when Union faced a significant crisis – which we’ll talk about later in the program.  Union University emerged from that crisis as one of the nation’s leading Christian colleges.

Dockery has also used his gifts to serve Christian education beyond the colleges he has led directly.  He has consulted or served on the board of many important Christian institutions, including Christianity Today and The Colson Center for Christian Worldview.  He has also been active in The Council of Christian Colleges and Universities, where he served as chairman of the board, and the Evangelical Theological Society, which he served as its president.

At a time when many people would be thinking about retirement – Dockery is 68 years old – he resigned his post at Trinity International University to lead a new group:  The International Alliance of Christian Education, which is made up of Christian schools, colleges, and seminaries from all around the world.  We’ll also discuss that group in our conversation today.

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I’m Warren Smith, coming to you from Charlotte, North Carolina, And you’ve been listening to the MinistryWatch podcast.  May God bless you.