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Ep. 45: James MacDonald, Ravi Zacharias, John MacArthur, and Immigration

Each week, Warren and Natasha bring you news about Christian ministries, as well as the latest in charity and philanthropy, news that we examine from a Christian worldview perspective.  Our goal is to help us become better stewards of the resources God has entrusted to us.  On today’s program, updates on previous stories involving Ravi Zacharias and John MacArthur.  We’ll also have a story about a non-profit organization that provides alternative funding sources for African-American churches.  And the latest in our ongoing “Shining Light” series.  This week, a Denver, Colorado, ministry with ties to Southeast Asia.

A couple of updates about MinistryWatch:  MinistryWatch is slowly learning a new trick during this age of COVID, and that is the art of the online webinar.  We did a webinar a couple of weeks ago about Warren’s new book “Faith-Based Fraud” that was really well received.  If you attended that webinar, thanks for being a part of it.  During that webinar, Warren promised those in attendance a webinar in the near future on the topic of “How To Read a Form 990.”  A Form 990 is a form that non-profit ministries have to fill out every year.  It has a lot of helpful information on it, and we here at MinistryWatch look at them just about every day.  In fact, we think ALL donors should examine a ministry’s Form 990 before they donate to that ministry.

But a lot of donors have told me they don’t even know where to find them, or what to look for once they do find them.  So we’re going to do a webinar on that topic.  Again, the webinar is called “How To Find and Read A Form 990.”  That webinar will take place on Wednesday, Oct.28, at 3 pm ET.  Mark your calendar and we’ll have information about how to sign up for that webinar on the MinistryWatch website.

And, speaking of “Faith-Based Fraud”…

Regular listeners to the podcast know that through the month of September we were offering a copy of “Faith-Based Fraud” to anyone who made a donation to MinistryWatch.  The demand for the book was so great that we have printed more books and we’ve extended that offer through October.  So if you missed the offer in September, it’s not too late.  If you’d like to know more or make a donation, you can go to www.MinistryWatch.com and hit the DONATE button at the top of the page.

The producers for today’s program are Rich Roszel and Steve Gandy.  We get database and other technical support from Cathy Goddard, Stephen DuBarry, and Casey Sudduth.  Writers who contributed to today’s program include Christina Darnell, Bobby Ross, Bethany Starin, and Warren Smith.  We also received editorial assistance this week from our friends at The Christian Chronicle and The Non-Profit Times.

May God bless you.