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Ep. 352: A Conversation with Nancy French

Cancer, Politics, Ghost-Writing, and Life

Nancy French was not a household name in American politics — because she mostly operated behind the scenes. But she was well known in the highest levels of Republican circles. She was the ghost writer for politicians and conservative celebrities, with five books she wrote making it to the New York Times Bestseller List.

But she found the Republican Party to be going down a path she could not travel, and eventually her political clients abandoned her. She continued to write, however, and she did some major investigate work on the sexual and spiritual abuse at Kanakuk, America’s largest Christian camp.

She has a new book now under her own name. It’s called Ghosted: An American Story. It’s a fascinating look at her early life of poverty and the long road to success – and some of the challenges she has had along the way.


That brings to a close my conversation with Nancy French. Her new book is Ghosted: An American Story. MinistryWatch did its own investigation of Kanakuk, and you can find our stories by going to MinistryWatch.com and hitting the “Investigations” tab at the top of the page.

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