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Ep: 328: A Conversation with Naghmeh Abedini Panahi

Naghmeh Abedini Panahi first made national news when she publicly advocated for the release of her then husband Saeed Abedini, who was imprisoned in Iran for his Christian faith. The story of “Pastor Saeed” became a global cause celebre, and Naghmeh was its primary spokesperson.

But all was not well with Saeed and Naghmeh. When she finally revealed that she had endured years-long domestic abuse by Pastor Saeed, many Christian leaders who had previously used her to draw crowds at their conferences and events would turn their backs on her. Naghmeh lost confidence in some of the best known leaders in evangelicalism, but her faith in Jesus remained strong.

Her new book is I Didn’t Survive: Emerging Whole After Deception, Persecution, and Hidden Abuse. On today’s “Extra” episode we discuss this book and her journey through American evangelicalism.


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Thanks to Rich Roszel and Jeff McIntosh for producing today’s program.

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