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Ep. 305: Gavin Ortlund, Prager U, and Andrew Wommack

On today’s program, California pastor Gavin Ortlund is leaving to focus on his YouTube Ministry Truth Unites. We’ll have details. Also, PragerU a conservative media organization known for its 5-minute videos on hot button cultural issues, has grown from $10 million in revenue to $65 million in just five years. We’ll look at why. And we have the next article in our series of stories based on our quarterly survey of ministry leaders.

We begin today with news that a Memphis pastor—who was also a former contestant on both American Idol and The Voice—has been arrested for stealing someone’s identity and money. Steven Flockhart, pastor of 901 Church in Memphis, Tennessee, was arrested last week on one count of identity theft and one count of theft of merchandise between $2,500 and $10,000.


I do want to mention to our listeners that we are entering the most critical time of the year for Christian ministries, including MinistryWatch, when it comes to fundraising. We need to raise about a quarter of our budget, about $110 thousand, before the end of the year, and we are not alone. Some ministries raise 30 or 40 percent of their budgets during the last two months of the year.

If you’d like to help us reach our year-end goal, just go to MinistryWatch.com and hit the donate button at the top of the page. But whether you give to us or not, we hope you will use our database to help you make giving decisions. And that you will give wisely and generously during this season.

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Until next time, may God bless you.