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Ep. 302: Christian Leaders, Pornography, and the Healing Church

Here at MinistryWatch we write from time to time about sexual sin, scandal, and brokenness. It has been my experience that many of these stories have pornography as one component of the story.  It is also apparent that pornography has become something of a secret sin among church and ministry leaders. Some surveys have found that as many as 50 percent of church leaders have some involvement with pornography. Other studies say that a child’s first involvement with pornography can start as early as age 9.

Because these facts are, unfortunately, a part of the current cultural moment, I’ve read a good bit about the topic, but I’ve not read anything as wise and helpful as Sam Black’s “The Healing Church: What Churches Get Wrong About Pornography, and How To Fix It.”

Sam Black believes that churches should places of healing, and he offers both theological and practical advice for church leaders, ministry leaders, those struggling to stop using porn, and those who want to fortify themselves so they never start.

Sam Black is the director of recovery education for Covenant Eyes, a software program that provides help and accountability for those who want to avoid online pornography. Prior to joining Covenent Eyes in 2007, he made his living as a journalist.


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