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Ep. 300: The Gospel Coalition’s Collin Hansen on Tim Keller

On today’s EXTRA episode, I’m sharing a conversation I had recently with Collin Hansen. Collin is editor in chief at The Gospel Coalition, and he is the author of an intellectual biography of Tim Keller called “Timothy Keller: His Spiritual and Intellectual Formation.”

I think it’s fair to call Tim Keller the “Accidental Celebrity.” When he went to New York City to found Redeemer Presbyterian Church in the 1980s, a clear-eyed assessment of his chances for success would have placed that number very low.  He didn’t do any of the things that wannabe celebrities would have done. He didn’t have a radio or TV program.  He wasn’t a fiery orator. No rock band. Yet over the years, the church grew. In fact, it grew to the point that some call Redeemer, and Tim Keller himself, among the most influential churches and church leaders of the past half-century.

Collin Hansen has been a friend and colleague of Tim Keller for decades, and he augmented his personal experience with first-rate research to produce the book we will be discussing today.

I want to mention that I did an interview with Tim Keller just before he died, and you can find that interview here:


I also wrote an appreciation of Tim just after he died, and you can find a link to that article here:


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