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Ep. 286: Christian College Under Scrutiny, Prosperity Gospel on the Rise, and John Blanchard’s Criminal Record Expunged

On today’s program, a closer look at a Christian college offering courses to prisoners raises more questions than answers. Plus, a new LifeWay study suggests that prosperity gospel beliefs are on the rise among churchgoers. We’ll have those details later in the program. And thieves swipe a massive air conditioner unit of an Atlanta church…in the sweltering heat of summer.

We begin today with news that Virginia Beach Pastor John Blanchard has had his criminal record expunged after he was arrested a couple years back in an underage prostitution sting. Blanchard is the lead pastor of Rock Church International in Virginia Beach, and he was one of 17 men arrested in October 2021. Each of the men corresponded with undercover detectives posing as minors and set up a time and place to meet for sex. They were all arrested on site at those meeting places, including Blanchard.  Just two days after his arrest, Blanchard led worship at his church. It wasn’t until his arrest became public that he stepped away from church duties temporarily.

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A special thanks to The NonProfit Times, The Christian Chronicle, ChurchLeaders, and LifeWay Research for contributing material for this week’s podcast.

Until next time, may God bless you.