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Ep. 272: How Are We Doing With Our Fiscal Year-End Fundraising?

Hello, everyone. Warren Smith here, coming to you from Newport Beach, California, where I’m attending a conference on Bible translation. If you listened to our recent podcast EXTRA episode titled “Just How Broken Is The Bible Translation Industry,” you know that I have a lot to say on this topic. We’ve written nearly 50 stories on this topic in the past two years.

But the group I’m meeting with this week is all about solutions, and I hope to be bringing a Part 2 to this story – “How To Fix The Bible Translation Industry” – in the next few weeks.

We’re able to do the kind of reporting because of the support of people like you. We send our daily emails out to 160,000, but did you know that less than 3,000 people have ever given us donations. That’s less than 2 percent.

If you are one of those people, I want to say thank you. And if you are among those who have not, would you consider a gift this week?

June 30 is our fiscal year end, and we’ve set an ambitious goal of $25,000 to celebrate our 25thanniversary. We’ve had a lot of great responses, but we still have a ways to go. As of Tuesday morning, were at about $17,000, so that means we need about $8,000 more to meet our goal, and just a few days left.

MinistryWatch has more than 300,000 page views a month, which is enough to command some significant advertising revenue – if we decided we wanted to accept advertising. Just this week I turned down an offer from a ministry to sponsor this podcast. Not only do we accept no advertising, but we also have no annoying paywall. We’re completely independent. Our only boss is you, our listeners and readers.

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