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Ep. 256: Abuse Prevention with ECAP’s Jeff Dalrymple

Regular listeners to this podcast, or readers of our website, know that we cover a lot of stories about sexual abuse.

We take no pleasure in these stories, but we believe they are important.  To explain why, I would use a simple analogy.  I would ask you to imagine that you have a headache.  If you think this headache is caused by sinus pressure, or perhaps too much coffee, you will take a couple of aspirin and go about your business.

But what if that headache is the symptom of a brain tumor, and those headaches are a warning from your body to do something?

That’s why we cover sexual abuse stories:  We believe that just as headaches can be a warning that something in our physical bodies is amiss, the stories we do at MinistryWatch – especially their frequency and severity – should be a warning to us that something in the Body of Christ is amiss, and we need to do more than take a couple of aspirin and get on with our lives.

But we need more than a good diagnosis.  We need a cure.  That’s why I’m delighted to have Jeff Dalrymple on the program.

Jeff is helping the church to act in biblical ways.  He leads a group called ECAP, the Evangelical Council for Abuse Prevention.  The group has been around for only a few years, but MinistryWatch was an early fan.  More than 20 MinistryWatch stories at least mention ECAP and its work, and I’m delighted to have Jeff on the program today.

Prior to joining ECAP, Jeff was a vice president at Southern Seminary in Louisville Kentucky.

Jeff and I have mentioned a number of resources on today’s program.  Here are a few links to help you find them:

First, here’s a link to ECAP’s website.  Also, here’s a link to MinistryWatch’s coverage of ECAP’s activities.  Finally, here’s a link to a book we mentioned today, Dr. Michael Kruger’s Bully Pulpit.

The producers for today’s program are Rich Roszel and Jeff McIntosh.  We get database and other technical support from Stephen DuBarry.

Until next time, may God bless you.