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Ep. 196: Ryan Bomberger on What’s Next For The Pro-Life Movement?

The Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision put an end to the Roe v. Wade era in America.  Many millions of pro-life Americans played a role in bringing about this historic decision, but few have been as active as my guest today Ryan Bomberger.

Ryan’s story gives his pro-life activism special power.  His biological mother was raped, but chose not to have an abortion.   He was then adopted at 6 weeks of age and grew up in a loving, multi-racial Christian family of 15, with 10 of the 13 children adopted.

Today, Ryan and his wife Bethany lead The Radiance Foundation.  They are activists, but they prefer to call themselves FACTivists, using facts, logic, history, data, and reason to make their pro-life arguments in the public square.  Today, Ryan and Bethany have four children of their own, two of whom are adopted.

To read more from Ryan, and to check out our reporter Kim Roberts’ exploration of the topic “Where Does The Pro-Life Movement Go After Roe?” check out the MinistryWatch website.

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I’m Warren Smith, and – until next time – May God bless you.