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Ep. 174: Christianity Today Harassment Report, More from Ukraine, and What Happens To Old Churches?

On today’s program, we discuss what happens to a church’s building when the church itself shuts down.  More from Ukraine, of course.  And we’re seeing some dramatic shifts in the fundraising environment.  I’ll have details.  We begin today with news that the former editor of Christianity Today, Mark Galli, has been accused of sexual harassment.

A quick reminder.  I mentioned last week that Christina’s “Ministries Making A Difference” column is made up of information that we mostly get from our readers and listeners.  They send us news tips, press releases, emails, and links, and Christina chases down the details.  And that’s how we get a lot of our other stories as well.  So, if you have a story you’d like us to cover, or a ministry that you think needs a closer look, please email us.  Our email is [email protected].  That will come directly to my desk, and we’ll take it from there.

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The producers for today’s program are Rich Roszel and Ben Warwick We get database and other technical support from Cathy Goddard, Stephen DuBarry, Emily Kern, Rod Pitzer, and Casey Sudduth.  Writers who contributed to today’s program include Anne Stych, Bob Smietana, Kathryn Post, and Christina Darnell.

Special thanks to The Christian Chronicle and The NonProfit Times for contributing material for this week’s podcast.

Until next time, may God bless you.