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American Life League Promotes Charity Watchlist for Pro-Life Donors

The list includes some of the nation’s largest charities rated based on their pro-life and pro-family views.

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End-of-year givers concerned with giving to organizations who support pro-life causes may look to American Life League’s (ALL) Charity Watchlist.

The list of over 60 non-profit organizations, including some of the nation’s largest such as the American Heart Association and American Cancer Society, rates a charity as green, yellow, or red.

A green light means ALL considers the charity worthy of support because of its pro-life stance. For groups with a yellow rating, ALL urges caution because some positions may not be verified. ALL advises against supporting organizations it rates as red due to their positions on life, family, and LGBT issues.

According to Hugh Brown, ALL’s executive vice-president and founder Judie Brown’s son, the purpose of the Charity Watchlist is two-fold. He told MinistryWath the list is meant to bring awareness and education for potential supporters of charities and to encourage change in the positions held by some of those groups.

“The Charity Watchlist is a project designed to hold nonprofit organizations to account for the positions they take, especially when it comes to their positions on respect for life, fertility, the nuclear family and the aging,” Judie Brown, American Life League President, said in a press statement. “Americans should be fully informed before they choose to support any charity and our project helps fulfill this need.”

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Right now, the Charity Watchlist includes 16 “green” charities. They include groups such as the American Heart Association, Breast Cancer Prevention Institute, Food for the Poor, and Water.org.

Thirty-five groups are “red” on ALL’s Charity Watchlist, including some of the nation’s largest, such as the Salvation Army. Even though its mission is “to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination,” it supports abortion, contraception, and promotes the LGBT lifestyle, according to ALL’s research.

Two groups that seek to provide shelter to those in need get different ratings from ALL. The first, Fuller Center for Housing, receives a green light for “its unrelenting Christ-centered quest to provide adequate shelter for all people” and its commitment to upholding pro-life values.

Started by the same man who founded Habitat for Humanity, the group separated when Habitat’s board changed its views to minimize the Christian values of the organization.

The second, Habitat for Humanity, receives a cautionary yellow rating from ALL because of partnerships with groups that support abortion and contraception such as Black Lives Matter and the Clinton Foundation.

“Though no financial support has been given to either group from Habitat, the mention of association with these groups warrants a caution,” Katie Brown, ALL’s director of communications, told MinistryWatch.

Donors have given positive feedback to ALL about how their list has helped with giving decisions. A long-time supporter of ChildFund International learned about its “red” rating, and used ALL’s research to ask ChildFund about its support of abortion, contraception, and LGBT issues despite its mission to help vulnerable children.

After confirming their positions were consistent with ALL’s research, the woman decided to stop supporting ChildFund.

Hugh Brown says the organization is arduous and careful in its research before rating a charity to ensure the designation is accurate and credible. ALL reaches out to an organization for clarification and comments on positions the group takes.

“We are not part of cancel culture,” he added.

ALL began compiling the list about 15 years ago at the request of donors who wanted to make sure they were supporting groups with the same pro-life views they held, Hugh Brown said. It became dormant for a few years, but was refreshed last year and is the most-viewed section of ALL’s website.

Supporters contact ALL regularly to request research on particular groups. Hugh Brown says they will continue adding more groups to the website to help donors make more informed year-end giving decisions.

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Kim Roberts

Kim Roberts is a freelance writer who holds a Juris Doctorate from Baylor University. She has home schooled her three children and is happily married to her husband of 25 years.