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Rev. John Piper’s Thoughts on Pastor’s Compensation

“Blessed are those who find wisdom, those who gain understanding …” Proverbs 3:13

Since compensation issues have been in the news lately, a blog from the Gospel Coalition recently asked noted Pastor John Piper to weigh in on the issue. Piper’s thoughtful and biblically-based counsel on this important subject can be found by clicking on this link and we highly recommend you take a moment to read the interview. If all churches followed a similar approach as Pastor Piper did in his church, there would be more money available for ministry and less problems that can inhibit the spread of the gospel. Here is an excerpt where Piper answers a question about advice he would give to a young pastor:

“Talk to your elders about all these things. Serve them long enough and humbly enough that they know you care about the church, and are not just using the church for career advancement. Don’t move into a kind of ministry they disapprove of.

Put in place an accountability group among them (not from outside) to whom you report all your honorariums and other income outside the church. Work out with them an understanding of what is appropriate for you to keep and for the church to receive. Make the church you serve the place where most of your giving goes.

Plan to live on the salary of the church as soon as possible. Once you are meeting your needs and saving appropriately, increase the percentage of your giving beyond the tithe when your salary increases more than the increase of the cost of living.

Saturate yourself with the words of the New Testament on money. You will find yourself convicted more often than confirmed in your Western wealth. Let this conviction produce wise, wartime living that loves to give more than to keep. Enjoy God’s good gifts by enjoying God in and through them. Know that you will never have this figured out completely. Therefore, be thankful for the gospel of grace that covers all our sin.”