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Radiant Israel: Ministry Operated as Business Is Vague About Programs, Finances

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Radiant Israel is a ministry that was founded as a business—meaning the true nature of its work and finances is unknown to all but founder Gilad Rosinger.

The group received a major boost in November thanks to a $300,000 check from Global Vision Bible Church, the congregation founded by pugnacious pro-Trump pastor Greg Locke. “We gave Radiant Israel in one check $300,000,” said Locke in a YouTube video.

A Christian who attends Locke’s church via Zoom alerted MinistryWatch to the large gift, saying, “Gilad isn’t even a real minister. People need to know the truth! He was a travel tour guide until COVID hit! And now he is getting hundreds of thousands of dollars from Greg for ‘Israel.’ I feel like I was duped! And so were so many others!”

It’s not clear what brought Rosinger and Locke together, but they share similar beliefs about end times prophecies, right-wing politics, and anti-vaccine sentiments. Radiant Israel regularly echoes some of Locke’s more unusual teachings. 

Locke is vehemently anti-vaccine, and has declared his church a mask-free zone. Rosinger, who says he is a son of a Holocaust survivor, may be even more anti-vax, comparing Germany’s vaccine mandates to the horrors of the Holocaust:

For those who claim this tyranny is about ‘public health’ and is ‘for your safety’(sic)  There is absolutely no epidemiological value to the green pass or to the separation of the unvaccinated since the vaccinated can also transmit the disease. This is and always has been about totalitarian control: The institution of the New World Order and the preliminary steps to establishing the Beast System where no man can buy or sell without the mark.

He called Germany’s vaccine program a “crime against humanity” in an article for the conservative Catholic site, Church Militant.

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Radiant Israel claims, “We help create unity within the Body of Christ.” But Rosinger also  claims he “is well known as a voice of truth and boldness in this age of great deception.” He is nearly as divisive as Locke, saying, “For those who still don’t get it, I pray that you wake up before it’s too late. Repent of being deceived and of attacking those who were warning of this demonic agenda all along.”

No one has said how the $300,000 will be used, but based on its unverified claims, Radiant Israel seems to do it all. “We train disciples in all nations,” it claims, without ever explaining how it reaches the world’s 195 countries. Among Radiant Israel’s other claims:

  • “We lead and also support ministries, companies and organizations who are establishing the Kingdom on earth.”
  • “We remember the poor, and we provide significant financial assistance to widows, orphans, and holocaust survivors in Israel and the nations.”
  • “Radiant Group also facilitates an international think-tank that combines some of the brightest lights & Kingdom minded people from around the world.”
  • “Radiant Group has distributed hundreds of Bibles, food parcels, supplies, equipment, furniture and other valuable items to those who can’t afford it.”

Rosinger did not respond to MinistryWatch’s request for information about Radiant Israel’s budget, its program expenditures, its projects, or the salaries he and his wife—a musical performer and worship leader—receive.

Radiant Israel was originally founded in 2015 as a tourism company because Rosinger “felt that a market gap existed for true believers in the tourism sector in Israel.” But COVID pounded that business.  “The Lord shifted us into full time ministry,” he wrote. Last September he reported, “The Lord has called us to America for a season!” It’s not clear how the group will bless Israel from the U.S.

Radiant Israel’s website says it was God’s desire it should operate as a business, not a non-profit: “God the father clearly instructed us to remain structured in the marketplace the way he originally set us up even though we operate as a ministry.”  

Rosinger, whose LinkedIn profile describes him as a “Prophetic Voice” and “Minister of the True Gospel” seeks donors to support his business, saying, “Your gift will be used where most needed.”

He even offers a solution for those who want the benefits of a tax-deductible donation. “In this case we work very closely with several incredible ministries in Israel and in America who will be happy to receive the donation on our behalf and provide a tax deductible receipt.”

It’s not clear if people who donated to Global Vision Bible Church received a tax deduction for gifts that eventually went to Rosinger’s business.

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Steve Rabey

Steve Rabey is a veteran author and journalist who has published more than 50 books and 2,000 articles about religion, spirituality, and culture. He was an instructor at Fuller and Denver seminaries and the U.S. Air Force Academy. He and his wife Lois live in Colorado.