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MinistryWatch Courses for Ministry Leaders

MinistryWatch is excited to announce a collaboration with Dunham+Company to offer online “short courses” on topics of interest to Christian ministry leaders.

Dunham+Company is a leader in Christian ministry fundraising, marketing and media.  That means these courses are taught by people who not only are top professionals in their field, but also understand your organization’s commitment to ministry.

We will begin by offering seven courses, with plans to increase our offerings in the months ahead.  To learn more about each course, click on the title and you will find a complete description, along with instructions for registration.  By using the special MinistryWatch code, you will receive a 10 percent discount on the price of the course.


Demystifying Cryptocurrencies for Nonprofits

Advancing technology is not only changing the way organizations like yours receive donations – it’s changing the very currency that you receive.  Cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin or Litecoin, is already starting to reshape the economy. Your organization needs to be ready to accommodate digital money as more and more donors start using it – because you never want anything to hinder a donor’s eagerness to support your mission.  This course includes five sessions and costs $149.  For a 10 percent discount, use code ‘MinistryWatch’ at checkout.


How to Grow Your Audience and Impact on Social Media

Social media is one of the fastest growing industries in the world – and it can do wonders for your organization.  A well-developed social media presence can help increase donations to your nonprofit organization, improve your church’s attendance, and much more. But you’ve got to learn how to attract and engage followers. This course includes three sessions and costs $49.  For a 10 percent discount, use code ‘MinistryWatch’ at checkout.


How to: Google Ads

More than 63,000 Google searches take place every second, which equates to about 2 trillion searches per year.  That is a massive marketing opportunity for your organization.   Using Google ads, you can now reach unprecedented numbers of potential donors online – if you know how to properly optimize this unprecedented tool.  This four-session course costs $49.  For a 10 percent discount, use code ‘MinistryWatch’ at checkout.


Managing Change for Growth

Change in inevitable. Either your ministry is facing a pivotal moment of transition right now, or it will soon. And the process can be painful.  But change doesn’t have to mean crisis. It’s possible for your ministry to not only survive–but actually thrive through even the toughest seasons of transition.  This 2-session course costs $149.  For a 10 percent discount, use code ‘MinistryWatch’ at checkout.


Consumer Engagement with Christian Media

There’s no doubt that the modern media landscape is a fast-changing force. But you might be surprised at how people of all ages are consuming all these media – especially Christian media!

In this course, Dunham+Company founder and CEO Rick Dunham unpacks the latest US-based research on who’s consuming Christian media and why. Whether you’re a programmer for traditional media or otherwise involved in Christian radio, you’ll learn how best to engage your audience – and what you can do to maximize your impact in the future.  This 3-session course costs $149.  For a 10 percent discount, use code ‘MinistryWatch’ at checkout.


Matching Gift Strategies

A strong matching gift strategy can be one of the most effective ways to take your development program to the next level to create more impact. So if you have questions about matching gifts, get answers.  You’ll find out when and where to use matching gifts most effectively, how to secure matching gifts from your donors, how to introduce them through your communication channels, and what to do when the campaign is over, and the matching gift is fulfilled.  You’ll appreciate the balance of strategy and practical tips this course offers to help your organization make the most of matching gifts.  This 5-session course costs $149.  use code ‘MinistryWatch’ at checkout.


Major Gift Development: Staging an Event

Fundraising events can make a huge impact for your organization. They can raise awareness for your cause, provide opportunities to connect with major donors, and help generate significant amounts of support. But you have to think through each detail thoroughly for an event to be successful.  This course will help you plan a well-conceived event that shows donors how they can join your cause. This 5-session course costs $149.  For a 10 percent discount, use code ‘MinistryWatch’ at checkout.