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Lego outreach, wildfire relief, fighting food insecurity, and tuition assistance

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This month, Christian HELP in central Florida provided over 100,000 pounds of food to people experiencing food insecurity. The ministry works to prevent homelessness by “helping people find work, providing resources, and offering spiritual encouragement.” In the MinistryWatch database, Christian HELP has 5 stars, an “A” transparency grade, and a donor confidence score of 98.

Photo of a church family lego night / Photo via AG News

Pukalani Church of the Nazarene in Hawaii has been pounding the pavement serving its community through wildfire relief efforts. As fires first raged in August 2023, the church housed victims when a nearby Red Cross shelter was overrun. Since then, it has bussed supplies in and out of the area, set up a solar-powered water machine to give out about 21,000 gallons of clean water, distributed food and other essential supplies, and, now, is helping rebuild houses for people displaced by the fires.

The Southern Missouri Ministry Network (SMMN) of the Assemblies of God is encouraging churches in the area to think outside the box in its family outreaches. Case in point: Legos. After Blue Springs Assembly in Blue Springs, Missouri, hosted a kids Lego night, Chip Dudden of SMMN liked the idea so much he decided to help other churches do the same. He scoured Facebook marketplace for discounted legos until he filled a large tub. Now he loans those blocks to local churches to use for their own family lego events, which have included fun themes and contests.

Front Range Christian School raised $211,000 this month through its annual Generosity for Generations Gala to help with tuition assistance. All proceeds went to the Timothy Fund, which helps students in financial need. The night was filled with “laughter, fun, worship, great food, friends, celebrations of teachers and staff, electric live auction,” and a message from Colorado Christian University President Eric Hogue. Front Range Christian School has 5 stars, an “A” transparency grade, and a donor confidence score of 98 in the MinistryWatch database.

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Christina Darnell

Christina Darnell is a freelance writer who has contributed to WORLD, The Charlotte Observer, and other publications.