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MinistryWatch Introduces “Donor Confidence Score”

March List: Ministries With "Donor Confidence Score" of 100 Percent

There are many ways to evaluate a sports team, a corporation, even a rock band or dance company.  Is the most successful organization the one that makes the most money, has a winning record, does the most good for the community, produces a high quality product, or achieves artistic excellence?  And even if you could decide which measurements mattered, it is not always easy to quantify the results.

Christian ministries are the same way.  How do you evaluate excellence?  Here at MinistryWatch, we have been asking ourselves this question for a long time – for more than two decades.  We still don’t know all the answers, but we do know some of the right questions to ask.

That’s what the Donor Confidence Score is all about:  asking some of the right questions.

We have identified 20 questions we think donors should ask ministries.  We have asked these questions of the ministries in the MinistryWatch 1000 database, and we have given each ministry a score from 0 to 100.  If a ministry scores more than 65, we believe it is possible to “Give With Confidence” to this ministry.  If a ministry scores from 40 to 64, we recommend that you “Give With Caution.”  For these ministries, we recommend that you do a bit of additional research to make sure that you are comfortable with these ministries before you give.  If the ministry scores less than 40, we recommend that you “Withhold Giving” from this ministry.

We have posted the answers to these questions on the profile of the ministry in our MinistryWatch 1000 database.  (We currently have 800 ministries rated, with ratings for the remaining ministries in our database coming in the next month or so.)

Below, we have compiled a list of ministries with a perfect 100 score in our rating system.  As you will see, this list has less than 50 ministries on it – less than 5 percent of the total number of ministries in our database.

It’s important to note that this list is dynamic and could – indeed, likely will – change over time.  This list is accurate as of March 1, 2022, you should look at the page for an individual ministry to find the “latest and greatest” information about the ministry that interests you.  You can find the ministry you’re looking for by clicking here.

SectorOrganization nameCEO/Senior Leader Total revenue Rating
Adoption/Foster CareFaithBridge Foster CareBob Bruder-Mattson $7,125,438 4
Adoption/Foster CareORPHANetworkBob Cleary $6,078,347 2
Adoption/Foster CareAll God's Children InternationalHollen Frazier $5,899,335 4
AdvocacyAmerican Family AssociationTim Wildmon $31,046,881 4
AdvocacyConcerned Women for AmericaPenny Young Nance $4,349,197 2
Bible Translation OrganizationsUnfoldingWordDavid Reeves $5,268,126 4
Christian GrowthInstitute for Creation ResearchRandy Guliuzza $12,912,501 3
Christian GrowthThe Mailbox ClubJohn Mark Eager $3,898,260 4
Colleges/UniversitiesWilliam Jessup UniversityJohn Jackson $63,758,751 2
Community DevelopmentHope InternationalPeter Greer $19,135,745 3
Community DevelopmentAttack PovertyBrandon Baca $7,753,411 4
Community DevelopmentMedical Ambassadors InternationalRavi Jayakaran $2,820,297 3
Educational MediaFocus on the FamilyJames D. Daly $100,912,000 4
Educational MediaLeading The Way with Dr. Michael YoussefMichael Youssef $22,871,533 3
Educational MediaTruth For LifeAlistair Begg $17,905,822 3
Educational MediaLiving on the Edge with Chip IngramChip Ingram / Andrew Accardy $9,018,713 2
EvangelismDiscipleMakersPeter Krol $4,863,936 3
EvangelismInternational Fellowship of Evangelical Students USAKevin Van Horne $4,224,470 3
Evangelism SupportCommission to Every NationBill Barthelemy $20,810,919 5
Evangelism SupportParaclete Mission GroupGlen Volkhardt $2,718,548 3
Foreign MissionsOpen Doors with Brother AndrewDavid Curry $33,573,578 3
Foreign MissionsOne CollectiveScott Olsen $10,964,257 4
Foreign MissionsAMG InternationalAnastasios Ioannidis $8,819,185 2
Foreign MissionsHeart for Lebanon FoundationCamille Melki / James Ward $7,348,775 4
Foreign MissionsJoshua FundCarl A. Moeller $6,133,564 3
Foreign MissionsVisionTrust InternationalDevlin Donaldson $3,374,782 3
K-12 Schools/AcademiesColorado Springs Christian SchoolsRoland DeRenzo $9,138,441 5
Leadership TrainingCommunity Bible StudyKimm Carr $13,392,069 4
Radio/ TV StationsFar East Broadcasting CompanyEdward Cannon $11,879,557 3
Radio/ TV StationsSAT 7Rita El-Mounayer / Terence Ascott $9,289,132 3
Relief and DevelopmentWater MissionGeorge C. Greene IV $32,883,896 3
Relief and DevelopmentKinship UnitedCraig Muller $7,419,513 5
Relief and DevelopmentLifewater InternationalDave LeVan $6,246,597 2
Relief and DevelopmentEchoDavid Erickson $4,714,775 2
Relief and DevelopmentBright Hope InternationalC.H. Dyer $2,917,812 2
Rescue Missions/Homeless SheltersUnion Rescue Mission, Los AngelesAndy Bales $41,013,000 3
Rescue Missions/Homeless SheltersRescue Mission AllianceDave Chittenden $27,363,364 5
Rescue Missions/Homeless SheltersUnion Gospel Mission Twin CitiesPam Stegora Axburg $18,610,483 2
Rescue Missions/Homeless SheltersCentral Union MissionJoseph J. Mettimano $16,830,233 3
Rescue Missions/Homeless SheltersRedwood Gospel MissionJeff Gilman $11,437,340 4
Rescue Missions/Homeless SheltersCoachella Valley Rescue MissionDarla Burkett $8,785,056 4
Rescue Missions/Homeless SheltersCity Mission of SchenectadyMichael Saccocio $7,395,307 3
Rescue Missions/Homeless SheltersPeoria Rescue MinistriesJonathan Rocke $4,367,000 3
Rescue Missions/Homeless SheltersLexington Rescue MissionLaura E. Carr $4,125,811 2
Rescue Missions/Homeless SheltersWinston-Salem Rescue MissionLou Carrico $3,156,362 3
Warren Cole Smith

Warren previously served as Vice President of WORLD News Group, publisher of WORLD Magazine, and Vice President of The Colson Center for Christian Worldview. He has more than 30 years of experience as a writer, editor, marketing professional, and entrepreneur. Before launching a career in Christian journalism 25 years ago, Smith spent more than seven years as the Marketing Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers.