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Ep. 363: SBC’s Abuse Reform Task Force, The UMC and Same-Sex Weddings, and Kanakuk Kamps

On today’s program, the Southern Baptist Convention’s Abuse Reform Task Force will be ending next week…without any names on its website of pastors credibly accused of abuse…and with no clear path forward. We’ll take a look.

And, Salem Media Group pulls Dinesh D’Souza’s movie ‘2000 Mules’ from all its streaming platforms. We’ll have details.

Plus, a Texas United Methodist megachurch announces it will continue to NOT host same-sex weddings at its facilities. This, despite the denomination’s ruling last month that lifted the ban on LGBTQ clergy and weddings.

But first, another former Kanakuk Kamp staffer has been arrested for child sexual assault. 46-year-old Matthew Harmon was arrested on May 28, 2024.

Harmon was wanted for the sexual assault of a child in 2007 when he was a teacher and coach at the Providence School in Dallas. He turned himself in to the Dallas County jail, the police department told MinistryWatch. Harmon worked summer camps at Kanakuk in Durango, Colorado, and Kanakuk in Branson, Missouri, beginning in 1995 through the mid-2000s.

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