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Ep. 362: Karl Vaters Wants To “De-Size” The Church

Karl Vaters is not against bigness on principle. He is quick to point out that large churches can use their size to do things that smaller churches simply cannot.

But he also says that the things that big churches do better are few, and that getting big, pursuing growth, often comes at great financial and spiritual cost.

His new book is called De-Sizing The Church: How Church Growth Became a Science, Then an Obsession, and What’s Next. He says that numbers are meant to inform us, not define us, and he goes on to say that our obsession with numbers is literally killing the church and its witness in the world.

Karl Vaters knows of what he speaks. He grew up studying the Church Growth Movement, but he realized that most churches in America have less than 100 members, and that if he really wanted to make a difference, he should put his energies there. In addition to being a pastor, he has written other books, including The Church Recovery Guide, 100 Days to a Healthier Church, and Small Church Essentials. He and his wife Shelley have three children and two grandkids.

The producer for today’s program is Jeff McIntosh.

Until next time, may God bless you.