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Ep. 325: Chi Alpha, Joel Osteen, Mike Breen and APEX Church

On today’s program, another Chi Alpha leader is out at the Assemblies of God college campus ministry. He was director over the regions where convicted sex offender Daniel Savala had access to students. We’ll have details.

Joel Osteen is brought to tears during a Sunday service as he announces that his Houston church has paid off a 100-million dollar loan.

Also, churches face fines for sheltering the homeless during brutal winter weather. More on that later in the program.

We begin today with news that author and pastor Mike Breen has resigned from his role as ‘lead communicator’ at APEX Church in Ohio.


MinistryWatch President Warren Smith will be in California, Colorado, Tennessee, and Texas over the next month, and if you live in those states, he’d like to meet you. Keep an eye on your inbox for invitations to lunches he will be holding in cities there.

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Until next time, may God bless you.