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Ep. 304: A Few Thoughts on SBC President Bart Barber’s Apology

Last year, SBC President Bart Barber signed an amicus brief that was submitted to the Kentucky Supreme Court that argued against statute of limitations reform. The reforms that the SBC argued against were precisely the reforms that many sex abuse survivors want and have been working for in Kentucky and around the country. Bart Barber ultimately apologized for that action.

Today, I offer a few thoughts about the chain of events that let to that apology.

As I mentioned in today’s episode, I did an in-depth interview with Bart Barber. You can find it by clicking on the highlighted link.

Thanks to Jeff McIntosh and Rich Roszel for producing today’s program.  We get technical, database, and editorial support from Casey Sudduth, Stephen DuBarry, Kim Roberts, and Christina Darnell.

Until next time, may God bless you.