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Ep. 245: Kanakuk Victims Speak, Tony Dungy and James Brown Pull Out of Andrew Wommack Conference, The King’s College Gets A Temporary Reprieve

On today’s program, Super Bowl winning NFL coach Tony Dungy has backed out of a conference hosted by Prosperity Gospel Preacher Andrew Wommack.  CBS anchor James Brown has, too. We explain why later in the program.

Allen Stanford, who amassed billions of dollars in a Ponzi scheme that used unwitting Christian financial planners to sell his investment products, is now serving what will likely amount to a life sentence in jail. More than a decade after his sentencing, some of his victims may get some of their money back.

Prosperity Gospel preachers and others made more than 300 flights on private aircraft during the month of February alone.  We’ll have the latest in our “Pastors and Planes” project.

And a lot more….


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