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Ep. 228: Ministries Are Involved in PPP Fraud, the PCA in the News, and Kanakuk Lawsuit Draws Supporters

On today’s program, two Florida ministry leaders that we first reported on during the summer have been arrested and charged with defrauding taxpayers out of $8-million in Payroll Protection Program funds.

And in Virginia, The Family Foundation, a nonprofit organization that promotes Christian values, was denied service at a restaurant in Richmond, this month on the basis of the group’s position on abortion and same-sex marriage.  We’ll have the details on both these stories later in the program.

We begin today with news that a Presbyterian church in the Chicago area is being investigated for firing an employee when she complained of gender discrimination.

I want our listeners to know that this will be our last regular podcast episode of the year.  We’ll drop one more episode between Christmas and New Year’s – it will be an episode that highlights the top 10 stories of the year.

So, since this is our last regular episode, I wanted to say how grateful we are to those of you who are regular listeners to the podcast.  We have nearly doubled our listenership in the past year and given all the podcast options out there, I want you to know that I’m honored that you consider this podcast worth your time each week.

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Oh, yes, and one more thing:  I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

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A special thanks to The Christian Chronicle and ChurchLeaders.com for contributing material for this week’s podcast.

Until next time, may God bless you.