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Ep. 227: Matt Chandler Back in Pulpit, Christian Groups Vandalized by pro-abort, pro-LGBTQ Activists, and Evangelical Giving Is Up

On today’s program, Christian groups are being vandalized by pro-gay and pro-abortion activists.  We’ll have two stories that highlight this growing and troubling trend.  And a new report from the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability indicates that – despite uncertainties in the economy – giving to evangelical groups is up.

We begin today with news that megachurch pastor Matt Chandler will be reinstated to the pulpit after a three-month leave of absence.  Dallas-area megachurch pastor Matt Chandler returned to the pulpit Sunday (Dec. 4) after a leave of absence. The Village Church’s board of elders reinstated him following disciplinary actions for Chandler’s “inappropriate” social media relationship with a woman who is not his wife.

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Until next time, may God bless you.