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Ep. 125: Christians Help in Afghanistan, COVID Kills Fundraising Events, and Sex Abuse Survivors Fight Back

On today’s program, Christians are working to help get people out of Afghanistan.  We’ll have one couple’s story.  And the Delta variant is killing some in-person fundraising events, but there may be a silver lining to this cloud.  We begin today with more news about sexual abuse and the Southern Baptist Convention. 

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The producers for today’s program are Rich Roszel and Steve Gandy. We get database and other technical support from Cathy Goddard, Stephen DuBarry, and Casey Sudduth.  Writers who contributed to today’s program include Steve Rabey, Bob Smietana, Cheryl Mann Bacon, Anne Stych, and Megan Botel.  Thanks to Religion UnPlugged for contributing material for this week’s program.

Until next time, may God bless you.